Career Readiness Programs

Job Opportunities and Basic Skills (JOBS) Program

The goal of the Job Opportunities and Basic Skills (JOBS) Program is to enable individuals to make the transition from public assistance to self-sufficiency. To participate students must be referred by the Oregon Department of Human Services. Students work with college faculty to develop individual programs that help prepare them for full-time, unsubsidized employment. If you are currently receiving TANF and are enrolled or wish to enroll in a program at LBCC, please contact Terese Jones (via email at for more information on the referral process.

Instructional areas included:

  • Life and career planning
  • Adult basic education
  • Short-term, intensive professional/technical training
  • Work site training
  • Job search instruction
  • Job retention
  • Career development

Staff members work closely with other college departments and community organizations to provide educational, professional, technical and counseling services as part of their comprehensive job training and educational programs.

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