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It’s my pleasure to share good news with you!  We are opening registration for both of our Leadership Academies – AIM and 5 Critical Skills.  Registration is open now and ends August 25. Our Virtual Engagement System allows you to continue your leadership development in a safe and engaging manner.  


Curious about the Virtual Engagement System?  Here is a sampling of the comments we have received:

 As a class participant – in person and virtual – the Terri you see on the screen is as real as the in person Terri!
 I have found the class, 5 Critical Skills for Supervisors,  to be helpful and informative.  The course offers a wealth of tools to use to support improved communication among team members, reviews the challenges of balancing performance expectations with people’s needs and challenges, and the breakout sessions allows us to dive into these topics in more depth, meet great people, and share ideas.  The course is well paced, and maintains your interest throughout.  I highly recommend it.

These courses are open to the public – you can attend as an individual or sign up with your peers!


AIM is a 5-session leadership development program designed to teach the fundamental habits, actions, and emotional intelligence required of high performers, supervisors, and managers.

Philosophy, Principles, And Practices of Engaged Leaders

  • The Leadership Development Pipeline
  • Philosophy of High Performance Leaders
  • Leadership Pyramids and Engagement Models
  • 4 Lenses of Leadership

Develop Yourself - Create A Growth Mindset

  • Create a Leadership Mindset
  • Fixed vs. Growth Mindsets
  • How to Develop a Growth Mindset
  • Triangle Theory - Putting Growth Mindset to Work!

Team Development – How To Lead Others

  • On the Court vs. In the Stands
  • 4 Stages of Team Development
  • Understanding the Shifting Role of the Leader Inside the Team
  • Developing Team Goals

Foundations of Synergy

  • Define and Understand Synergy
  • Develop Synergy Throughout the Leadership Pipeline
  • Value Various Thinking and Communication Styles
  • 5 Step Process to Create Synergy

Unleash Potential

  • Develop Your Leadership Development Plan
  • Use Reflection and the Time/Space Continuum to Develop Yourself
  • Two Simple Tools to Tighten Your Relationship with Your Boss
  • The 4 Quadrant Approach to Develop Human Potential

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5 Critical Skills

This series provides progressive skill development from one session to
the next. Designed for new and experienced supervisors, participants
create a leadership philosophy based on both performance and people.

Philosophy and Practices of High Performing Supervisors

  • Shifting Gears Into New Roles, Responsibilities, and Relationships
  • Philosophy of High Performance Supervisors
  • 4 Lenses of Leadership
  • Causal Loop: Performance and People

Communicating as a Supervisor – The Communication Loop

  • The Real Work of Leadership
  • The Communication and Feedback Loop
  • Check Ins and Approachability
  • Roles, Responsibilities, Relationships

Coaching and collaboration

  • Use the Johari Window to Coach to Blind Spots
  • Use the J-Curve to Coach Through Change
  • Understand the Power of Perspective (How to Develop Patience)
  • Apply Gap Analysis to Create the Coaching Conversation

Difficult Conversations

  • How to Tackle Tough Conversations
  • Onion Theory: Getting to the Core of a Situation
  • Focus on YOUR Communication
  • 4 Step Process to Prepare for the Conversation

Performance Appraisals

  • Appraisal is a Process, Not an Event
  • Feedback vs. Feedforward
  • The A3 Method (Assess | Address | Agree)
  • Developing Your Leadership Development Plan

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