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Business Administration, Economics Emphasis, Accounting Technology

At LBCC, we offer three business degrees. The first is Business Administration, which is relevant to a wide variety of careers, because most organizations value having business professionals on their team. The second is Business Administration with an Economics emphasis, which involves incorporating economic principles and strategies into the realm of business operations. This option provides students with insights into the functioning of companies and financial systems. Our third is the Accounting two-year degree program.  Students who successfully complete the degree requirements will be able to generate and interpret accounting information, utilize computer technology to create reports, and communicate accounting information to stakeholders.  Graduates will be prepared to immediately enter the workforce.

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Gain the technical, interpersonal, and communication skills necessary to succeed in the many opportunities within the business industry, including Accounting, Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship, and Economics. The Business meta major includes three programs of study: Accounting Technology, Business Management, and Economics.

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Not sure yet which program or degree path is right for you? That’s okay! At LBCC, you can discover your passion and progress to success through seven different core areas of study — which we call meta majors. For example, you can choose Business as a starting point, then decide later which degree option to focus on.

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