Visual Arts

Degree & Certificate Options

As you progress through your visual arts major at LBCC, you’ll develop skills in spatial awareness and compositional design while heightening your visual literacy. You’ll also be asked to critique your own work as well as that of your peers, engaging in an environment of continuous improvement and assessment.

Visual Communication, Associate of Applied Science

This two-year degree prepares you to work in the field of visual communications with a focus in either Web Media or Graphic Design.


Visual Arts Emphasis, Associate of Science Tracks

This degree prepares you to transfer to Oregon State University’s art programs which include Studio Art, Photography, and Art History.

Studio Art Track:

Photography Track:

Art History Track:


Transfer to Any Oregon University Visual Arts Program

This degree allows you to transfer to any Oregon university art program. Work with your advisor to select the best courses for your transfer destination.


Digital Imaging & Prepress Technology One-year Certificate

This one-year certificate prepares you with technical and design skills to work as a print technician.