LBCC’s theater program helps students explore expressions of human interactions and conflict, and develop intellectual awareness about the human condition. It also develops skills for working as a theater artist, as well as proficiency in teamwork. Liberal studies majors will benefit from the department’s belief that good theater training is also excellent teacher training.

Our emphasis on Community Engaged and Devised Theater provides an opportunity to explore and experience one’s community more fully, create partnerships within the community, and produce a collaborative creation that values the citizenry of the district and empowers the community to connect through storytelling and the arts.

Through Touring Children’s Theater and the Annual Children’s Play, LBCC Theater provides opportunities to engage young audiences in the arts, while providing students with a hands-on, dynamic learning experience.

Female actor on stage in a spacesuit
Four students tensely sitting at a table in a play
Woman sitting in a chair and man standing in a suit on stage during a play
Actor giving monologue with video on screen playing behind him

The Russell Tripp Performance Center

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Black Curtain Society

In addition to participating in annual fundraising events, Black Curtain Society Club members participate in the annual Kennedy Center American Theater Festival, where students compete, audition and attend professional workshops with other theater students across the country.

One of the most exciting events is our annual Play-in-a-Day, a partnership with theater students of Oregon State University, in which you’ll write, rehearse and perform a ten-minute play in just 24 hours.

Sanctuary Stage

Sanctuary Stage is an outreach program of the LBCC Performing Arts Department. Our projects focus on creating original plays through Devised, Applied, and Community Engaged Playmaking platforms. We strive to promote diversity, social justice, and awareness. Our projects often focus on the stories of microcommunities found within the greater Willamette Valley.


Department Faculty

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Richard Elvin
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Tinamarie Ivey
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Dan Stone
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Andrew Beck (Visiting Faculty)
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Laura Blackwell (Visiting Faculty)
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Barbara Mason (Visiting Faculty)