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Religious Studies

Taking a religion class is not just about learning what others believe. The study of religion is also the study of psychology, philosophy, history, geography, languages, sacred texts, archaeology, and more.

Academic studies in religion are not designed to convince or convert you; rather, you’ll be challenged to think deeply about your own beliefs and why you believe them. This program will encourage you to see the benefits and beauty of worldviews you may not have considered before. Even more, a religion class will make you a better citizen of the world, because it will help you identify where your hidden biases and prejudices lie.

Ornate interior of a church
Exterior of a modern Christian church

Religious Service Visits

Some classes include an assignment for you to experience a religious tradition other than your own. In a small group, you and your colleagues will attend a religious service you have not experienced before.

Many students are apprehensive about this assignment in the beginning. However, most find it to be the highlight of the course by the end of the term. Don't worry — within the first few weeks of the term, we cover topics like what to expect and proper etiquette; also, just as most religions are meant to be experienced communally, you will be doing this in a group.