Student Stories

Wondering what your career journey might look like with a music degree? Here’s how one LBCC student experienced it.

Joshua Rist

McNary High School Choral Director

“I would not be able to do what I love everyday without LBCC.

“When I first joined LBCC, a friend convinced me to stop into the choir room to meet the choir director. The director welcomed me and asked me to sing for him on the spot. I was nervous, but he believed in me and insisted that I sign up for choir. I remember leaving that room thinking to myself, ‘I'm a singer now!’

“Singing in the LBCC choir is one of the most cherished memories of my life. It made me feel I was a part of a real community, integral to something bigger than myself, and it opened up my senses and spirit to a whole new level of aesthetic experience that made a deep and life-altering impression on me.

“My experience at LBCC was the first step in my decision to pursue a career in choral music education. It lit a fire in my soul that I work diligently to pass on to my students. I feel incredibly fortunate to make art and influence young people to become their best selves on a daily basis, and I give credit to LBCC for helping me discover my passion and calling."                               

Joshua Rist