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LBCC’s music program provides an opportunity to learn, grow, and engage. You’ll develop the common knowledge that all musicians use to speak about and perform music as a professional. You’ll grow in your art toward the musician you wish to become. You’ll gain the knowledge needed to engage the community around you in music, so that your talent is shared with those who need it most.

Choir on Stairs in Madrone Hall
LBCC Chamber Choir poses on the stairs in Madrone Hall.
Mens Group Singing on Stage
Blue Light Special, a vocal a cappella ensemble, performing on stage
Men's group singing on stage
Blue Light Special, a vocal a cappella ensemble, performing on stage
Women's group singing on stage
The Sirens, a vocal a cappella ensemble, performing on stage

About the LBCC Music Program

We believe in helping you become a smarter and more accomplished musician. We also believe that music is meant to be shared. Your passion for music should not only benefit you, but the community around you, too.

Are you wondering what your career journey might look like with a music degree? Interested in our choirs or co-curricular ensembles? You’re in the right place.

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Department Faculty

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Raymund Ocampo
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Olem Alves
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Jason Caffarella
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Patty Gerig
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Craig Hanson
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Ali Jones
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Mark Pipes
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Melanie Sorenson
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Erin Westfall
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Bill Whitley