History | LBCC


An undergraduate education in History provides students with a breadth and depth of knowledge about the world in which we live, as well as the driving forces that have shaped it.

By understanding the past, students gain awareness of other cultures and a deeper understanding of who we are as a nation. Combined, the skills developed while pursuing a degree in history at LBCC produce graduates who are intellectually nimble, able to adapt to the ever-changing economic, cultural, political, and technological landscapes that we inhabit.

Students hold shields outside for Medieval reenactment
Students participate in a Medieval reenactment at Linn-Benton Community College's main campus
Students marching in Civil War reenactment with professor in uniform
Students march in a Civil War reenactment
Students prepare for reenactment amongst Medieval shields
Students prepare for a Medieval reenactment

Cooperative Work Experience Program

Students gain hands-on experience through our Cooperative Work Experience program in History. Opportunities include placement at local museums and state agencies. These internships are limited in number, selective, and must be arranged in advance of the term. Contact Scott McAleer at mcalees@linnbenton.edu for more information.