Careers & Salaries

Professional historians typically work in three major areas: education, archival work, and public history (museums, for example). An undergraduate degree in history also provides training for a number of fields that don't necessarily hire for the job title of “historian.” The skill set that you acquire through your degree in history can help you pursue careers in governments and nonprofits; it can also prepare you to pursue an advanced degree in a number of academic disciplines, including law.

A few examples of job titles in this field include:

  • History Teacher
  • Historian
  • Curator
  • Archivist

For detailed career and salary information, visit the LBCC Career Coach.

All career information and statistics listed here are provided by the State of Oregon.


Cooperative Work Experience Program

Students gain hands-on experience through our Cooperative Work Experience program in History. Opportunities include placement at local museums and state agencies. These internships are limited in number, selective, and must be arranged in advance of the term. Contact Scott McAleer at mcalees@linnbenton.edu for more information.