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Anthropology provides students with the tools to understand the globalized, contemporary world. With one foot in the humanities and the other in social sciences, anthropology is uniquely situated to engage our shared challenges in all human arenas.

Whatever career path you may choose, your studies in anthropology will change the way you view and interact with the world. The discipline breeds innovation into the daily workings of one's everyday life.

Inuit family portrait
European man and woman dancing
Woman smiling
Women in traditional Japanese dress

Cooperative Work Experience

Students can gain hands-on experience through the Cooperative Work Experience program in Anthropology. Opportunities include placement at local museums and state agencies. These internships are limited in number, selective, and must be arranged in advance of the term. Contact Scott McAleer at for more information.

Examining Culture and Technology

How do culture and technology co-create one another? Today we have a strong tendency to associate this concept with smart phones and computers; however, anthropology can examine this question through the entire history of technological advancements, from lithic technology to the Internet.

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