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The word mechatronics is a linguistic mash-up of “mechanical” and “electronics.” This field of science combines the control of mechanical systems using electronics and computers. In today's world, many systems (from the automatic door locks in your car, to the largest industrial robots) function on this principle of combining mechanical systems with electronic controls.

If you're interested in mechatronics, you probably enjoy working both with your hands and your brain. The field is very broad, integrating many disciplines; examples include hydraulics, sensors, electricity, and robotics. Mechatronics technicians use advanced maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair techniques, coupled with the latest technologies, to keep machines running.

The mechatronics program at LBCC will train you to think analytically about complex systems. You’ll also master and promote energy efficiency while creating sustainable practices. From safety and teamwork to computer-aided design (CAD) and programming, you’ll become familiar with a variety of skills that make you a valuable asset to any company.

Students at workstation in mechatronics
Three students at desk working together
LR Mate 200iC 5H robot in LBCC classroom

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