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Applied Industrial Technology & Transportation

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Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation

The field of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) and Evaluation encompasses a family of scientific techniques and practices that reveal the internal and external characteristics of materials without impairing their future usefulness.

If you’re interested in using your hands as well as your mind in a dynamic and growing industry, this program may be for you — providing hands-on training for a well-paying career that helps make the world a safer place.

Computer Aided Drafting & Design

The Computer Aided Drafting & Design (CADD) program at LBCC is designed to teach students how to bring an idea into reality, beginning with hand-drafting and sketching and working up to using industry software. The CADD program uses project-based learning, an innovative approach that teaches a multitude of strategies critical for success in the twenty-first century. Students drive their own learning through inquiry as well as work collaboratively to research and create projects that reflect their knowledge. From gleaning new technology skills to becoming proficient communicators and advanced problem solvers, students benefit from this approach to instruction.

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Applied Industrial Technology & Transportation

Want hands-on training relevant to your field? We offer the degrees and certifications to build and expand your skill set. From Mechatronics to Non-Destructive Testing, LBCC offers the practical training you need to get into a highly-skilled workforce or to advance further from where you're standing now.

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Not sure yet which program or degree path is right for you? That’s okay! At LBCC, you can discover your passion and progress to success through seven different core areas of study — which we call meta majors. For example, you can choose Applied Industrial Technology & Transportation as a starting point, then decide later which degree option to focus on.

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