Heavy Equipment/Diesel Technology

Tool Policy

Students will use Snap-on Tools, supplied by LBCC at the Advanced Transportation Technology Center (ATTC) during their training. All students entering the program will be assessed a $1,350 tool fee per term during the first year of the program: three terms, for a total of $4,050.

Upon successful completion of all first-year program classes with a grade of C or better, students will be awarded the Diesel Student Tool set.

LBCC HE & Diesel students may purchase additional Snap-on tools with a student discount through the Snap-On account representative for the ATTC:

Bill Overall, Snap-on Industrial Tools
(503) 425-9630
Fax (503) 650-7405

Students who fail or drop out of the program will be awarded a partial tool voucher for each tool course fee that has been assessed and collected by LBCC. To qualify for a partial tool voucher, the student must make arrangements with the Diesel instructor staff at the ATTC within one (1) term of taking their last Diesel class. In cases of extreme hardship, a partial tool cash refund may be considered through a petition process initiated by the Admissions Office in Takena Hall at the Albany campus.

Tool vouchers can then be redeemed by contacting Patrick “Mike” Brooks of Snap-on Industrial Tools at patrick.brooks@snapon.com or (541) 514-5482.