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Cooperative Work Experience is an instructional program providing opportunity for students enrolled in LBCC programs to earn up to 12 credit hours per academic year of college credit for what they learn on the job.

CWE 280/WE1.280 Cooperative Work Experience is a course that allows the student to work at a job that closely parallels his or her field of study while enrolled in school.

Through work experience, the student may test interest in and suitability for an occupation while learning, being exposed to work methods not taught in the classroom, and having access to equipment not normally available in the college laboratory. The student is prepared for the ever-changing needs in industry, government and service agencies, making the transition from school to work under the guidance of a CWE Faculty Coordinator.

Certain programs require that students enroll in a (1) one credit CWE Seminar during their first term of CWE.  The CWE Seminar curriculum includes assignments on job search and job success.

Students interested in building Cooperative Work Experience into a program at LBCC should discuss it with their major area instructors and the CWE Faculty Coordinator to plan the best term for registration and to allow ample time for locating a training site.