Cooperative Work Experience

Cooperative Work Experience (CWE) is an instructional program providing opportunity for students enrolled in LBCC programs to earn up to 12 credit hours per academic year. CWE is a course allowing students to obtain experience with an employer in their field of study while earning their degree. The CWE office can assist with recommendations for site placement; however, it is the student's responsibility to secure the position with an employer.  

CWE gives students opportunities to explore interest in and suitability for an occupation. Students are often exposed to work methods not taught in the classroom while having access to equipment not normally available in college courses. CWE prepares students for the ever-changing needs in industry and a variety of other occupations making the transition from school to work with the guidance of a CWE Faculty Coordinator.

Certain programs require that students enroll in a (1) one credit CWE Seminar during their first term of CWE.  The CWE Seminar curriculum includes assignments on job search and job success.

Students interested in building Cooperative Work Experience into a program at LBCC should discuss it with their advisor and the CWE Faculty Coordinator to plan the best term for registration and to allow ample time for locating a training site.


Sponsored CWE Contact information:

David Bird, PhD  CWE Sponsored Program Coordinator
(541) 917-4778     
Office Location: McKenzie Hall 210, MKH-210

SPONSORED STUDENT PROGRAM: Businesses partnering with LBCC to hire students while the student is enrolled in college courses and pursuing a college degree.  Students may also receive CWE credit that applies to their college degree.

Current positions:   Sponsored CWE Positions   (ATI, PCT)  

To apply:  Sponsored CWE Application