Becoming an Apprentice

To become an apprentice in the Oregon Bureau of Labor program, an individual must be a current employee with a registered training agent and have been employed for a minimum of six months; unless the specific apprenticeship committee has a ranked pool selection procedure.

A ranked pool is a list of qualified applicants that are hired into an apprenticeship from a list of applicants.

Ranked Pools maintained at LBCC:

  • Limited Energy Technician A 
  • Limited Energy Technician B

Limited Energy Technician Trades
These trades include fire and security alarm installation and maintenance, telecommunication installation and maintenance, data telecommunications installation and maintenance, nurse call installation and maintenance, intercom and paging installation and maintenance.

How to apply: 
Check our Open Application Announcement or contact the Apprenticeship Office: 

Open Application Announcements

Limited Energy Technician Class A (3-year)
2019 LEA Announcement

Limited Energy Technician Class B (2-year)
2019 LEB Announcement