The Writer's Wall

Have you ever wondered what other students are writing about? The Writer’s Wall is our answer to your question. Here, we provide a place for students to show off their work. 

The Writer's Wall is a physical wall in the Writing Center, but it is also an archive. Once a piece is taken down from the Writer’s Wall, it is entered permanently into a collection. We are exploring avenues to publish this collection in the future, both online and in print. 

We will post any sort of work on the Writer’s Wall: It can be an essay, a short story, a comic, a poem, a series of Tweets--any type of writing in any genre. You are welcome to submit anonymously or with your name attached. 

Currently, we will accept any and all submissions. Please submit! We want to show off your work. 

To submit work to the Writer's Wall, please click this link to our Writer's Wall Submission Form