About Us

The Writing Center is a place for all students to get free assistance with their writing. Our goal is to coach you through the writing process and help you to become a better writer and your own best editor. We do this primarily by talking to you one-on-one--when you come in, you'll sit down for a conversation with one of our staff members, and from there we will determine next steps.

We seek to empower all voices, and help you to navigate the complicated landscape of academic writing. We cannot guarantee an error-free paper, but we can guarantee that you will walk away with a clear idea of your next revision steps. 

Step 1: 4 Ways to Use Your Writing Center

There are four main ways to use our services: Drop-in sessions, 30-minute appointments, the Online Writing Lab, and as a space to hang out and write. 

Drop-in Sessions:

You can have a one-on-one drop-in session with a Writing Assistant. 

  • Use your student ID number to sign in to our computer kiosk.
  • Put your name on the white board Drop-In Waiting List.
  • When you are done using the Writing Center, please sign out of our computer kiosk with your student ID number.
  • If we are busy, we keep our drop-in sessions 20 minutes long in order to help everyone in a timely manner. The number of drop-in sessions you can have is unlimited, within reason. 

30-minute Appointments:

You can make a 30-minute appointment with a Writing Assistant on TutorTrac.

  • If you are a credit-bearing student, you can sign in to tutortrac.linnbenton.edu using your student ID number as your user name. Your password will be your birthday in a year/month/day (yyyy/mm/dd) format.
  • Select “Writing Center Albany” to make an appointment with us.
  • Appointments are limited to 1 appointment per day and 3 appointments per week.  If you need more assistance, you can combine appointments with drop-in services and the Online Writing Lab (OWL).
  • For every appointment, remember to sign in and sign out on the Writing Center computer kiosk.

Online Writing Lab (OWL):

You can submit your writing to us online and receive a written response within 48-72 hours.

  • Be Aware that writing submitted on the weekend will not be assigned until Monday morning, so plan for weekend OWL submissions to take extra time.
  • Go to www.linnbenton.edu/writing-center and click on “Online Writing Lab (OWL)” to use the OWL. Further instructions are provided on the OWL webpage.
  • We do not limit the number of times you can submit papers to the OWL.

Your Writing Space:

You are welcome to sit and work in the Writing Center whether or not you want to have a session with a Writing Assistant. (Please note: If your instructor requires a visit or offers extra credit, this doesn't count!)

  • We strive to make our Writing Center a comfortable and inspiring place to work.
  • Our space offers the following resources: Computers, headphones, printer, and scanner; pencils, pens, crayons, and notepads; textbooks, style guides, and other reading material; informative handouts and worksheets; a standing desk; and, of course, the most comfortable chair on campus!
  • Please sign in on our computer kiosk so we can keep track of how many students are using our resources.


Step 2: Our Partnership with You

 What Writing Assistants Bring to Our Partnership:

  • Writing assistants are available to help you with any class in which writing is assigned and at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to a final draft. We also assist students with non-academic writing like scholarship essays, resumes, and creative writing.
  • We work together in a collaborative way, taking direction from your needs, questions, and concerns.
  • Thank you for trusting us with your thoughts and experiences. We continuously learn from you – and enjoy our creative work together.

 What Writing Assistants Cannot Provide:

  • Though we answer questions about grammar and punctuation, we cannot guarantee an errorless paper.
  • Since we serve students in any class in which writing is assigned, writing assistants cannot be content specialists. Students are responsible for the content of the course; writing assistants can help you understand the assignment and provide valuable feedback on your writing.
  • Some teachers give extra credit for using the Writing Center. Writing assistants are happy to stamp your paper, but they must have a writing session with you to stamp it. A typical writing session takes at least 20 minutes.
  • Students cannot drop off a paper to be edited and picked up later. Our work always takes place in a collaborative writing session.
  • Writing assistants cannot make assessments about what kind of grade a paper might receive from an instructor. Evaluation standards and grades remain the responsibility of the instructor.

What Students Bring to Our Partnership:

  • Please sign in every time you use the Writing Center; the number of students we work with directly impacts our services to you.
  • Please bring your patience. During peak periods, the writing assistants will do their best to help you as soon as possible. We promise to give you the same quality of attention when it is time for your session.
  • Whether you drop in or make an appointment, it is helpful to bring your assignment; when using OWL, it is also important to provide information about the assignment and to make clear the focus of the feedback you need.
  • Identify a goal for the session, if you have one. We will ask what your questions are and how we can best help you.