For Instructors

The Writing Center is here to support LBCC faculty and students across the curriculum. Our mission is to help students develop their writing skills and confidence through small group and one-on-one coaching. We have conversations about all aspects of writing, including organization, clarity, grammar, citation, tone, rhetorical awareness, revision strategies, and writing anxiety.

Here are some ways instructors have used our services: 

  • Offering extra credit for a Writing Center visit
  • Referring students to us who may need extra help
  • Bringing their own writing (such as assignment prompts or syllabi) to us for feedback
  • Inviting us into their classroom during a workshop day
  • Mentioning us as a resource on assignment prompts and syllabi

Instructor FAQ

Can I bring my class by for a tour of the Writing Center? What about having a Writing Center staff member visit my classroom to spread the word? 

We love talking to your classes about what we do! Please email Chessie Alberti at to schedule a tour or a class visit. 

A Tour: Visiting our physical space is by far the best way to connect your students to our service. Tours are only available during Week 1 of each term and are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Each tour explains how to access our service, starts a conversation about writing, and invites students to interact with our space. Tours can be adapted to any length of time from 5 minutes to 50 minutes, depending on your preference. 

A Class Visit: If a tour during Week 1 is simply not feasible, we are happy to visit your class and offer a short presentation on our services at any point in the term that works for you. 

I have a student who would benefit from additional coaching on their writing. How do I get them to you?

Physically bringing a student to our location in the Learning Center (WH-226) is truly the best way to connect them with our services. You can also direct them to our “About Us” page, encourage them to make an appointment, and tell them about our open hours. If a physical copy of our information will be helpful to the referral process, contact Chessie Alberti ( to snag some of our promotional bookmarks and handouts.

I want to encourage my students to visit the Writing Center, but my class isn’t held at the Albany campus. What resources do I have?

Students from any campus, or who are taking online classes, can access the Online Writing Lab (OWL) to receive asynchronous feedback in the same style as our in-person sessions. If you are teaching at the Benton Center in Corvallis, you can find in-person writing support at the Writing Zone in the Learning Annex

How can I confirm that my student has had a Writing Center session?

Here are the confirmation methods we recommend:  

  • A stamp: Getting a Writing Center stamp is the only official method for students to confirm their session. Please let students know that we will only provide a stamp if they have a full session with us, which usually takes about 20 minutes. This stamp can either be placed on the student's paper draft directly, on their notes, or on a special slip we have for this purpose. If they are turning the paper in online (like via Moodle or Canvas), they can send you a photo of the stamp. 
  • A short reflection: Some instructors assign a Writing Center reflection, which is typically a short essay asking the student to describe their experience, what they took away from the session, and what changes they chose to make to their work afterward. This can help students stay present, think critically, and process what we tell them. Please contact Chessie for more information about reflection assignments. 
  • A selfie: Some instructors have asked students to take selfies with their Writing Assistant. Please note that Writing Assistants have the right to refuse a selfie if they would prefer not to be photographed. Check out the following video to see what one instructor did to make visiting the Writing Center more fun, approachable, and creative: 

If a student forgets to ask for proof of their visit, we may be able to retroactively confirm their session as long as they signed in and out of our computer kiosk. To see if this is possible, you can email the student's name and ID number to Chessie Alberti ( 

 How can I confirm that my student has used the Online Writing Lab (OWL)?

If students submit through the OWL, they can forward you the confirmation email that is automatically generated after each submission. Keep in mind that these confirmation emails are generated immediately, which does not mean that the student has received or processed their feedback yet, only that they have sent us an essay to review. We recommend setting a cut-off date of 3 or 4 days before the due date for accepting OWL confirmations to ensure that students have enough time to receive their response and utilize the feedback. 

I plan to require, recommend, or incentivize visiting the Writing Center for a particular assignment. How can I make this process go as smoothly as possible? 

First of all, thank you for supporting our service and helping us reach your students! Here are some tips for helping us manage a potentially large influx of students for a particular class: 

  • Email Chessie Alberti at with the timeline of your assignment, so that we can make sure we have adequate staffing.
  • Encourage your students to make appointments rather than dropping in. 
  • Send us a copy of your assignment guidelines, so that we know what to expect. 

That being said, we are always prepared to support your students with whatever projects they bring to us. 

Is it helpful for me to provide the Writing Center with copies of my assignment guidelines, rubrics, and syllabi? 

Yes! We do not keep assignment prompts on file for students because keeping track of the guidelines is an important part of the writing process that we want to reinforce. However, we love to "read ahead" whenever we can, so that we are prepared before your students come in. This gives us the chance to discuss the assignment amongst the staff and come to you with any questions we might have. 

If you are working on a new or unusual assignment idea, it is especially helpful for us to have a copy of the assignment ahead of time. Electronic copies are best. You can email these to Chessie Alberti at You are also welcome to come by and chat with us directly about an assignment. 

How do you hire Writing Assistants?

Our Writing Center is run on a peer mentor model, which means that our Writing Assistants start out as LBCC students who have been recommended by a faculty member. Each Writing Assistant receives substantial training in writing center pedagogy, in addition to CRLA tutoring certification at Level 1 and Level 2. For more information, check out our page “Becoming a Writing Assistant.”

I have questions about the feedback my student received during a Writing Center session. Who should I contact for more information?

Please contact Chessie Alberti at, or drop by the Writing Center in WH-226 to chat with her directly.