TASS (Tutor-Assisted Study Support)

Tutor Assisted Study Support

After you have enrolled at LBCC, someone may tell you that one of your courses has TASS (Tutor-Assisted Study Support). You just got lucky! In selected classes we offer this special group study program to help strengthen your understanding of course concepts.

Your TASS leader is a qualified tutor who, has taken the course and been recommended by the instructors.  They will help you connect concepts, answer one another's questions, and prepare for exams.  This is an excellent study tool and can be built into your study routine each week.  TASS provides an opportunity for you to process and apply information from class with your peers, a highly recommended learning strategy.

You may attend one or all the sessions scheduled, but TASS is based on attendance, and if it is not utilized we aren't able to continue sessions for the entire term.  We recommend you come consistently to get the most out of it. 
You can find the current term's TASS schedule, here: Winter 2020 TASS Schedule or see the graphic below

Check with the Learning Center Information Counter, (541) 917-4684, if you have questions or would like further information.

TASS Winter 2020