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Tutoring will be delivered online this term using Tutortrac and Zoom. We have the same great tutors here to support you but from the comfort of your own space!

Check here for a List of Spring Term Subjects

  • If you do not see your course, please check with your instructor for content support or the College Skills Zone for help with study strategies.

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  • Questions or Concerns? Please contact us!
     If you have questions or concerns regarding tutoring please reach out:

    Sheri McIntyre, Tutor Coordinator - mcintys@linnbenton.edu OR
    Learning Center - learningcenterinfo@linnbenton.edu

    We are generally able to reply within 24 business hours.

  • Tutoring Program Guidelines & Student/Tutor Responsibilities

    Know the Tutoring Program Guidelines

    Program guidelines and rules

    Know your responsibilities

    What you can expect

  • How to Make an Appointment

    All Learning Center appointments will be held via Zoom video conferencing for the remainder of Spring Term 2020. The process for scheduling a Zoom appointment with us is the same as scheduling an in-person appointment. If you are currently enrolled in a credit class, you are already set-up with an account in TutorTrac. Please review the following instructions to learn how to log in and start scheduling appointments. 

    How to Make a Zoom Appointment Using TutorTrac:

     1. Read the program guidelines and review your responsibilities (see LBCC Tutoring Program and Writing Center Registration Agreement Guidelines).

    2. Review theTutorTrac Instruction sheet and watch the following video to see a tutorial of how to schedule and attend your Zoom appointment: 

     3. Go to tutortrac.linnbenton.edu to schedule your appointment. 

    If you have questions about how to make, attend, or cancel appointments,
    please call us at (541) 917-4684 or email: learningcenterinfo@linnbenton.edu

  • Tutoring Program Mission
    To provide academic assistance which maximizes your learning potential, academic performance, and adjustment to college;
    • To encourage you to develop a positive attitude and confidence in your ability to learn;
    • To help you become an independent learner;
    • To provide support to help you maintain high academic performance
  • Tutoring Subject Areas

    We offer tutoring in a wide variety of courses offered at LBCC. 

    Subjects can vary from term to term.  A comprehensive list of subjects currently offered is here,
    Subject List - Spring 2020

    What can you do if we do not have a tutor for your course?

    • Working together with another student from your class
    • Forming a study group with fellow students from class
    • Utilizing your instructor's office hours
    • Check out our, Additional Campus Resources Page and our Tutor Recommended Resources
    • Ask around! Your classmates and instructor may have found some great online resources you can take advantage of
  • TASS (Tutor-Assisted Study Support)

    TASS (Tutor-Assisted Study Support)

    Spring Term TASS Schedule

    • CH 202 - Mondays, 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm & Wednesdays, 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
    • PH 203 - Thursdays, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
    • PH 212 - Tuesdays, 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
    • PH 213 - Saturdays, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm 


    Links to the TASS Zoom Rooms are provided in the course Instructor's Moodle Shell or Syllabus.

    After you have enrolled at LBCC, someone may tell you that one of your courses has TASS (Tutor-Assisted Study Support). You just got lucky! In selected classes we offer this special group study program to help strengthen your understanding of course concepts.

    Your TASS leader is a qualified tutor who, has taken the course and been recommended by the instructors.  They will help you connect concepts, answer one another's questions, and prepare for exams.  This is an excellent study tool and can be built into your study routine each week.  TASS provides an opportunity for you to process and apply information from class with your peers, a highly recommended learning strategy.

    You may attend one or all the sessions scheduled, but TASS is based on attendance, and if it is not utilized we aren't able to continue sessions for the entire term.  We recommend you come consistently to get the most out of it. 

    Check with the Learning Center Information Counter, (541) 917-4684, if you have questions or would like further information.

  • Additional Resources

    Tutor Recommended Resources

    Where do our tutors recommend you go for additional help?

    Additional Campus Resources

    Find additional support for your coursework

  • Becoming a Tutor

    Becoming a Tutor

    Tutoring is done by appointment during Learning Center open hours. Tutors earn $11.25/hour. Work Study positions may be available. Consideration for a tutor position is based on the following:

    • A need for tutoring in your subject area as determined by tutor program needs and/or student request;
    • Academic competency in the course(s) you wish to tutor, as demonstrated by a grade of A or B earned within the last one to two years;
    • Satisfactory performance on math competency tests (math tutors);
    • Recommendation of an LBCC instructor in the subject area tutored;
    • Overall GPA of at least 2.5;
    • Good interpersonal communication skills as demonstrated by instructor references and interview with Tutor Coordinator;
    • Demonstrated ability to communicate in English at a level which allows clear understanding by students; and
    • Commitment to participating in tutor training to help you become a skillful and effective tutor.

    Benefits of Tutoring
    Being a tutor has the potential of enhancing your whole college experience, and the skills you develop will transfer well to any future career. Tutors practice good interpersonal communication, develop valuable critical thinking skills, boost their self-confidence, and improve their own academic performance by guiding other students through the learning process. To inquire about tutor positions, please email the Tutor Coordinator, Sheri McIntyre at mcintys@linnbenton.edu.

  • Tutor Training

    Tutor Training

    Before your tutor sits across the table from you, they have completed initial training in foundational tutoring skills.

    The Linn-Benton Community College, Tutoring Program is certified through the College Reading & Learning Association- International Tutor Training Program Certification. We are certified at both Level I & Level II through CRLA-ITTPC.

    We believe in supporting LBCC students with quality tutoring. For more information on CRLA-ITTPC, please feel free to visit their webpage: College Reading & Learning Association

    What does this mean?

    Once your tutor has reached Level I status, they have accomplished the following: 25 hours of tutoring, 10 hours of training, and favorable evaluations by students and supervisor. (Level I training is mandatory for all staff).

    Once your tutor has reached Level II status, they have accomplished the following: 50 hrs of tutoring, 20 hrs of training, and favorable evaluations by students and supervisor.

  • FAQs about the LBCC Tutoring Program

    FAQs about Learning Center Tutoring

    Q. Do I have to register for tutoring?
    A. No! If you are enrolled in a credit course, you are already in our scheduling software, TutorTrac. All you have to do is familiarize, or review the Program Agreement Guidelines and make an appointment.

    Q. Do I have to use all three of my appointments each week?
    A. No.  You are allowed up to three appointments each week, five if you are a student who receives the accommodation of two additional sessions through the Center For Accessibility Resources.  In both cases, you only have to use the amount of appointments you feel you need each week, whether it be one or all.

    Q. Can schedule more than one appointment per day?
    A. You may schedule 2 appointments in one day as long as each appointment is with a different tutor and for a different subject. For example, you could schedule a math appointment with Tutor A and a chemistry appointment with Tutor B. If you schedule more than one appointment per day and/or subject, the later of the two will automatically be cancelled.

    Q. Do I have to use the whole fifty minutes of my session?
    A. We ask that you plan your time keeping in mind that tutoring is a limited resource.  If you know you are only going to need a few minutes of a tutor's time, you might look for support from one of our Additional Campus Resources.  Tutors are paid for the entire hour scheduled with you, and if you have booked that time, it prevents someone else from getting a chance to meet with the tutor. 

    Q. Do I have to go Campus for tutoring?
    A. No. Tutoring is available remotely through coordination of TutorTrac and Zoom.

    Q. Is it okay to sign up for different tutors?
    A. Yes, if we have more than one tutor for your course. We realize that tutors are individuals and have different styles and schedules.

    Q. When is tutoring available?
    A. Tutoring begins in the second week of the term. Tutors usually work during daytime hours, but some evening hours may be available depending on individual tutors' schedules.  Tutoring is not available during Final Exam Week.

    Q. Can I make tutoring appointments by telephone?
    A. In most cases, no. Tutoring appointments should be made using our on-line scheduling system, TutorTrac. For extenuating circumstances, an exception may be possible. You can also email learningcenterinfo@linnbenton.edu for assistance with scheduling.

    Q. Is it possible to arrange a standing appointment every week?
    A. No. Tutor appointments are made on a first come, first serve basis.

    Q. Is tutoring offered during Finals Week?
    A. No, tutoring ends the last week of classes.

    Q. If there is no tutor for a course I need help with, what should I do?
    A. You can email the Tutor Coordinator at mcintys@linnbenton.edu She can give you some strategies and resources you may find useful.

    Q. If I am late for my appointment, how long will the tutor wait for me?
    A. The tutor will wait 5 minutes. After that, you will be considered a No-Show, unless you have notified us you will be later. Likewise, your tutor may be a little late, and we ask that you wait a few minutes for him/her.

    Q. How can I become a tutor?
    A. Tutors are hired at the beginning of Fall quarter and after that, as the need arises.
    Talk to the Tutor Coordinator, mcintys@linnbenton.edu, (541) 917-4697 about the criteria used to hire tutors. You can also find more information on our page, here: Becoming a Tutor

    Q. If I need more tutoring, can I hire one of the tutors to work with me privately?
    A. Some tutors may be available for additional tutoring, but most are not. At your request, the Tutor Coordinator will email your request on to the tutoring staff, but no guarantees can be made about responses. Tutors set their own fees, usually ranging from $15 - $25 per hour.

    Q. If I am not taking a class for LBCC credit, can I hire a private tutor?
    A. See the answer above.

    About Our Tutors
    Our tutors are not instructors. Most of them are students, and they are expected to be competent but not experts in their subject area. They will help you to the best of their ability, but their main focus will be to help you learn how to learn so that you can succeed independently. Do not rely on a tutor to 'catch you up' if you miss classes. Tutoring is only a supplement to your own effort.

    Your Feedback is Valued
    Because we want to provide the best service possible, we are interested in your feedback about the quality of tutoring services you receive. If you have comments, you are encouraged to contact the Tutor Coordinator. When you are asked to complete a tutor evaluation, we really appreciate it when you take the time to return it to us!