LBCC Contact List for Veterans

I am a Veteran and I want to talk to someone at LBCC - where should I go?

VA Education Benefit Support Student Support
Megan Pickens-Lloyd
Veterans Financial Aid Certifying Officer
Takena Hall T-117
Phone : (541) 917-4858
Assists Veterans and eligible family members with Veterans Financial Aid benefits for attending college.

Carol Raymundo
Manager of Center for Accessibility Resources
Red Cedar Hall, RCH-105
Phone : (541) 917-4690
Coordinates disability accommodations for disabled veterans (disabilities include physical, mental, and other conditions). Carol is highly trained in understanding unique situations facing Veterans, including PTSD, TBI, and other impacts on learning.

Ken Dickson-Self
LBCC Student Veteran Club Advisor

Phone: (541) 917- 4942

Lynne Cox
Dean of Students
Takena Hall T-107B
Phone: (541) 917-4848

Central coordination of Veterans outreach, supervisor/Student Ambassador to Veterans

OSU Veteran Certifying Officer
Jaya Conser Lapham, MPH
Student Affairs
Service Provider: Veterans Resources Coordinator at LBCC
(541) 917-4290 desk
(541) 223-4889 cell
Located in Forum Building 122
Tues.-Thurs., 10 a.m.-2 p.m., or by appointment

Last update: March 21, 2018.