Student Stories

Dawna Laetzsch 2Student Learns Technology to Keep Our Water Clean; Lands Great Job Weeks Before Graduating

Most of us tend to take clean water coming from our tap for granted. How it gets cleaned, and who does the work is a mystery.

For Dawna Laetzch, 2012 water/wastewater grad, the thought of where our drinking water comes from was intriguing, and made her think of the people who work to make sure it’s safe for us to drink.

After a lay-off from her job at a local mill, Dawna took the opportunity and turned intrigue into knowledge in LBCC’s Water, Environment and Technology program, or WET.

“LBCC's program training gave me the context and language I needed to prepare for my new career, and the internship gave me "the foot in the door," familiarizing me with the processes and equipment at the plant.”

A few weeks before completing the program, Dawna landed her first job in water treatment at the City of Wilsonville’s water treatment plant.

“The education I received from LBCC put me in a great position to make significant contributions to the health and safety of the public.” 

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