Advisors for Psychology are also instructors, which means that their availability for advising will be limited and very specific. Please come prepared so that advisors can quickly and more accurately answer your questions.

Psychology advisors

Darci Dance

Darci Dance
Office: South Santiam Hall Rm 107

Things to do prior to meeting with an advisor:

Be as specific as possible when emailing an advisor. This will help them plan for your appointment and have answers to your questions.

If you are trying to figure out which courses to take, use "DegreeRunner," which is located in the academic records section of your WebRunner account. This will help you decide which classes to take in order to graduate and can be printed so you can bring it to an advising session. You can also use a program worksheet by selecting an academic calendar year.

Plan on transferring to Oregon State University or joining the Degree Partnership Program? Use the guide below to see which classes you need to take to get a bachelor's degree in Psychology.

Advising Guide for Associate of Science for Psychology

Baccalaureate Core Courses