Nursing Assistant Level I

The Linn Benton Community College Nursing Assistant Level 1 Program offers an online learning course, textbook/lecture material only, with live "skills labs" and “clinicals” of this course in direct patient care applying all of the technical skills from the didactic, online, classroom.

Before applying to the Nursing Assistant Level 1 course view the following informational slide presentation, Disqualifying Crimes listed below (you will be required to self-disclose any/all criminal history to license as a CNA), LBCC training policies and requirements:

    1. Review the Nursing Assistant, Level 1, Course Presentation
    2. Criminal History Disclosure - If you have a previous misdemeanor or felony conviction(s) you should read the following Oregon State Board of Nursing page "How a Criminal History Can Affect the Licensure Process" and Department of Human Services list of prohibiting crimes ORS 443.004.
    3. Use the following link to review Important Links for the Nursing Assistant program which includes the current course calendars and policiesAll applications must include a signed Disclosure Agreement (found with the policies) with your application.

The Nursing Assistant course is a Restricted Special Admission course that requires students to apply for acceptance into a class.

Students interested in applying to the Nursing Assistant Training course must complete the following requirements to qualify:

  • Must have a GED or High School Diploma, unless otherwise stated
  • BLS Healthcare Provider CPR card (only card accepted).
  • TB Test – Report with a negative response (test must be taken within 1 yr. of term ending date)
All students, as outlined in the "Letter of Acceptance", will be required to complete the following criteria prior to attending the first day of class:
  • Attend a Mandatory Orientation
  • Register with Linn Benton Community College by presenting a printed copy of your "Letter of Acceptance" at the LBCC Albany Registration Office in Takena Hall or any of our centers in Corvallis, Lebanon, or Sweet Home.
  • Pass a criminal background check and drug screen as directed by LBCC (non-refundable process)
BE ADVISED: The background check or drug screening will not be conducted until you have secured acceptance, as directed in the "Letter of Acceptance", where you will receive directions on account set-up and completion of the background and drug screening.
**If any of the above listed requirements are not met by the deadline given, the Linn-Benton Nursing Assistant course reserves the right to exit students from the course.
This is a noncredit course.  Financial aid is not  available for non-credit courses. You may be eligible for a Workforce Investment Act Scholarship. Click on the link below to "Application Packet".
Apply Now for a Workforce Investment Act Scholarship!

When applying for a grant please remember to submit an application to course during the open enrollment and note in an Email that your acceptance is dependent on grant or financial funds so that we may assist you in the grant process.

**If any of the above listed requirements are not met by the deadline given, the Linn-Benton Nursing Assistant course reserves the right to drop students from the course.

 Please print the application packet and read it carefully.





Application Packet - 2018 Summer Term

begins 06/25/2018


*If you have any additional questions, not outlined in the application packets, please contact Pauletta at (541) 917-4738.

For Advising Appointments please call Lorraine Lara at 541-917-4544.