Practice Rooms

Practice rooms are available for LBCC students and faculty, who are registered for Individual Lessons or Music classes with an LBCC instructor, to use throughout the term. Please see the note below about usage by outside instructors, space usage, and instrumental treatment.

Practice rooms are also used for individual lesson instruction and available open practice times will be posted on the practice room doors (SSH 217A and 217B) by the end of week two each term.

When a practice room becomes available, the use is on a first-come first-served basis based on this priority:

Practice Room Usage Prioritization:

  1. Individual Lessons
  2. Individual Lesson Practice
  3. Music or Theatre Program-related activity
  4. Those with approval and LBCC Faculty

Please note that the practice rooms are located near classrooms and faculty offices. The rooms amplify the volume of the pianos and voices in the rooms. Please be mindful of those around you and comply with the faculty requests if asked to be quieter due to other classes around you.

Important - Please note: Practice rooms are not available for lessons with non-LBCC instructors or for practice outside the priority usage set by the Music department due to liability and safety issues. Practice rooms are for academic purposes and practice only. Anyone caught misusing the rooms, space, or instruments will lost ALL privileges for practice room usage and additional disciplinary action may be taken by Departmental or LBCC Administration.

Please treat the pianos with respect as they cost a great deal of money to maintain, repair, and/or replace. Usage of the practice rooms is a privilege.