Advice From Others

Advice for future online Math students from former students:

  • The best advice I have to offer is, do not procrastinate or assume the work can be caught up later. Set days that you will attend lab just as if it is a scheduled class. I didn't calculate for getting sick and am having to spend the next two terms making up last term. Procrastination and assumption isn't wise. 
  • Just an FYI: I dropped the class very early because I became aware very quickly just how much this was going to take and decided that I needed a lecture class after all. I need to be able to see what I am supposed to do.
  • The only advice I can offer is stay on schedule. I knew what I was getting into, this is not my first online class. I would do it again. It takes self discipline to do this on your own. I have a hard time with math in general. Being on my own gives me the flexibility to study when I have time.
  • FOLLOW THE STUDY GUIDE! It helps so you don’t get behind. I didn’t and I struggled to get some of the tests done on time.
  • This class has been HARD. I got off to a slow start due to not having a clue how to work the calculator and having to review the basics of arithmetic to get up to speed before I could get started. I wish I had gotten the calculator and video and had done some review ahead of time.
  • Never start late, be on time from the beginning, try to finish all the assignments in time, never under estimate the course, which, when not understood properly can consume lot of time in order to understand and solve the problems. Try to find time to go to the math lab to get the help from the instructor. Never give up until you succeed.
  • Study hard from the beginning. I found some time to go to the lab and work on the problems, I wish I had some more education in math in high school level that would have helped to understand the college level math. However, If I have to take the self directed course in the future, I will try to know well about the course before registering and try to understand whether I am capable to take the course or not and if I take the course, I will certainly make sure I will find the time to go to the lab and get help from the instructor.
  • Self discipline is key. Trying to do all of the homework, on-line homework, quizzes and review takes forever. It may be best for students to pick and choose. First reaction though is to do it all because you think you'll miss something. I found it helps to do work daily at the math lab or help desks.  I still found it difficult to get things done one time as other class work (regularly scheduled) seemed to become more of a priority. Putting Math off to the weekends doesn't help as you don't get much help if you need it.
  • I think if I had to do it again I would do it. I think this kind of class is wonderful for people who work full time like me. But, whoever enrolls in this class needs to have the motivation to succeed. From my experience I have learned if I have a question I have to get help, and find somebody who can explain it to me (the tutors in the learning center are wonderful.) Another suggestion is try to do the module revision on the module packet before each test. Do a lot of exercises, try to relax, ask for help whenever is needed it. Take the time to complete the exercises, ask for help but do not depend too much on tutors...try to understand by yourself the meaning of the lesson. But if you get badly confused...ask for help! The secret is work hard and avoid distraction. But I think something that has help me out is the fact I have some previous algebra base from high school (at least is why I think...but even with that has been hard!) brother used to explain me math when I was a teenager. I do not recommend taking self directed classes to people who have not taken a lot of math in high school. I hope to succeed this term but I am planning to take the next math (111 or 97) l as a regular student (classroom attendance kind of thing)