Math Changes starting in 2017

The LBCC Math Department has worked to create a shorter path for students to reach their goals in Math.  The result is new courses using a different numbering scheme that will shorten a students path to their Math requirement.


Are you enrolling in math 50, 75 or 95 this term? If so you will need to bring a laptop/tablet/device (a mobile phone will not be compatible) to class each day. If you do not already own a device you can rent one from the campus store or purchase one. If you want to know if  your device is compatible with the software check here.


Course you need to take:

(in the current model of 20-60-65)

Summer 2017


Fall 2017


If you are ready for Math 60

Enroll in Math 50

Enroll in Math 50

If you are ready for Math 65

Enroll in Math 15 (Fast Track)

Enroll in Math 75

If you are ready for Math 95

Enroll in Math 95

Enroll in Math 95