Legal administrative assistants may work for attorneys in private or public practice, the judicial system, the government, or large corporations that have legal departments. They must be familiar with legal procedures and the judicial process.

Although their work varies depending upon the type of employer, most legal administrative assistants prepare and process legal documents such as appeals and motions, fill out forms for clients, and either take dictation or transcribe letters and memos dictated by the attorney. 

They create electronic legal documents, and other case materials and use computers to create other legal documents. In larger offices, legal administrative assistants may supervise staff and enhance attorneys' effectiveness by:

  • assisting monitoring case progress, 
  • alerting attorneys of issues requiring his/her attention, 
  • maintaining contact with providers, adjusters, and opposing counsel, 
  • contributing information to the team case review,
  • completing special projects,
  • and providing administrative support.

For more information about this career, as well as the current employment outlook, visit the U.S. Department of Labor and Oregon Employment Department websites.