College Planning Resources

LBCC has several resources available to help you make decisions about career choices and provide you with information about school options.

Career Information Systems:
CIS is a computerized career exploration program that will:

  • help you learn about the labor market while generating a list of occupations that match your interests, abilities and work preferences.
  • search for colleges and universities that match your educational needs and preferences.
  • help you find scholarships and loans that match your educational plans, abilities and background.

Job Search Assistance:

Resume and Interviewing Assistance
Any student or community member can make an appointment for these services by contacting one of the Career and Employment Specialists listed below; they are located in Lebanon, Albany, and Corvallis.

Marci Johnston
541-917-4786 LBCC main campus in Albany

Emily Dray

541-917-4798 LBCC main campus in Albany Campus

541-757-8944 x5135 at the Benton Center in Corvalls

541-259-5801at the Lebanon Center

Lena Carr

541-917-4787 LBCC main campus in Albany Campus

Career Life Planning Class (HD208)
Taught by one of LBCC's counselors every term, Career Life Planning, assists you in identifying interests, skills and values. You will learn strategies to utilize career information services to create personal goals and a life plan. Check out our online schedule to see when the latest class is offered.

Career Planning Online (CPO) Developed by Lynn Bain, an LBCC Counselor, CPO is an interactive web-based program designed to assist you in the career decision-making process by using a variety of self-assessment activities.

Career Assessments
With an LBCC counselor referral, you may take either the Strong Interest Inventory or the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The SII helps you identify your interests and how they connect with careers while the MBTI helps you see the connection between personality characteristics and job satisfaction. (Link coming soon here to Student Assessment page with cost info)

College Catalogs
The Career Center on main campus has current college catalogs for most two- and four-year colleges and universities in Oregon and Washington.

Other Resources
To find out more about LBCC programs, degrees and financial aid, go to: (Describes all degrees offered at LBCC and explains the difference between an AAOT and an AS degree) (Lists all programs (majors) offered at LBCC.) (Provides information about, and links to, the State universities) (Desribes the LBCC/OSU Degree Partnership program) (Identifies the types of financial aid and the processes for applying)

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