Health and Human Performance

The Health and Human Performance Department offers three Associate of Science (AS) Degrees that are designed for students interested in transferring to Oregon State University: Exercise & Sport Science, Health Management & Policy, and Health Promotion & Behavior.

Facilities: The department has indoor and outdoor facilities to support exercise, physical education activities and athletics. The Activity Center contains a fully equipped, double-court gymnasium, as well as a weight training room, aerobics room and complete shower facilities. Outside facilities include a baseball diamond, tennis courts, four sand volleyball courts, disc golf and a wellness trail.

Cooperative Work Experience: Students enrolled in the Public Health or Health Education and Exercise and Sports Science Programs can earn up to 14 hours of college credit for on-the-job training through LBCC's Cooperative Work Experience (CWE) program. Students interest in building CWE into their curriculum should discuss it with their major advisor and the CWE Coordinator.

Intercollegiate Athletics are offered in men's basketball and women's volleyball. If you are interested in intercollegiate athletics, contacting the coach of the respective program is recommended.
Women's Volleyball - Jayme Frazier -
Men's Basketball - Randy Falk -
Men's Baseball - Ryan Gipson -