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Nicholas GarberAuto Training Puts Student a Notch Above the Rest; Gets Five Job Offers Before Finishing the Program

Nicholas Garber, 2015 Automotive Technology grad, always liked working on cars, a skill he learned from his dad. After finishing high school, he landed a job as a auto mechanic at a local shop, but soon noticed that mechanics with formal training were being paid a higher wage. The way to move up and make a better wage, he learned, was through certification.

After starting LBCC’s automotive technician program, Nicholas had the opportunity to get into alternative fuels training, a specialty program that trains technicians in propane, compressed natural gas, and electrical automotive systems.

“When I first joined the automotive program, I was looking to get a degree to help me get a better paying job. Once here, I decided to apply for the alternative fuels training, specifically for training in propane fuels.”

The alternative fuels training put Nicholas in a specialty field, a notch above traditional mechanics. It turned out to be a great choice, and Nicholas had five job offers before completing the program.

“At the time, I didn’t realize where the training was going to lead me. Back in my dad’s time, propane wasn’t very efficient. Today, with new technology, propane fuels are much more efficient. Now, I have my pick from some great-paying jobs.”


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