AU3.301 Service and Repair Practices

Sample Work Order     Work Order

Course Outcomes:
          The intention of this class is to help you practice the skills you have learned in other Automotive Technology classes.

    Specific outcomes are:
  1. Practice safety precautions, to protect yourself, vehicles and the environment.
  2. Develop the skills to advance your knowledge as an automotive technician.
  3. Conduct yourself on the job with a high degree of professionalism.
  4. Use service literature and tools efficiently.

Credit Hours:
          You may earn up to 2 credit hours for participation in this class. Every 20 clock hours of participation will earn 1 credit hour. You are responsible for checking in and out using the time clock software. Credit will be awarded based upon this data. You must report to the instructor within one week if you forget to log in, or out, or find errors on your time record.


  1. Safety glasses must be worn by all individuals when in the lab area.
  2. NO VISITORS ALLOWED in the shop while any work is being performed.
  3. Personal, vehicle, and equipment safety, and shop cleanliness is required at all times
  4. Students must check in with instructor before bringing vehicles in the shop area.
  5. Vehicles must be parked in the main parking lot before and after lab work.
  6. All vehicle service and repairs must receive prior instructor approval.
  7. The lab is used to enhance student's knowledge and skills - not to make money.
  8. All vehicles must have a LBCC Disclaimer Release Form and a Work Order in place on its windshield.   Disclaimer must be signed by the vehicle owner.
  9. Students must have already been trained in the type of work they wish to do.
  10. All projects are to be removed from the shop area at the end of the day.
  11. All parts and components used in repairs must be purchased through LBCC.
    If a replacement part poses no risk to vehicle components or occupants, this policy may be waived with instructor authorization.
  12. A Parts Ordering Check Sheet must be signed prior to any part purchases
  13. Payment for all vehicle repairs must be made prior to the end of the lab session

Failure to follow any policy may result in loss of lab privileges for the following Service and Repair Practices class meeting.

Failure to demonstrate a high standard of safety may result in immediate loss of lab privileges

Students must discuss errors in their time record with the instructor, within one week of the specific error, in order to receive full academic credit.