Livestock Judging Team

Competitive livestock judging is a co-curricular activity that is an integral part of the Animal Science program at LBCC. Students need not be an agriculture major or have any prior judging experience to participate. The benefits extend beyond the learning and applying of current selection criteria. Communication skills, critical thinking, and teamwork are essential personal development characteristics that evolve as a result of the time and effort that is expended. These valuable developmental traits are of great benefit regardless of the future endeavor that a student ultimately selects.

The opportunity to travel, make industry contacts, and be on the leading edge of change make judging not only a valuable resource, but an enjoyable experience as well. Numerous employers and university faculty consider the judging team experience just as important as the courses a student completes. Program graduates have been placed at numerous universities including Oregon State University, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State University, New Mexico State University, Cal State Fresno, and Texas Tech University.

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LBCC is very proud of the success enjoyed by its judging team members, both in competition and in life. In 1999-2000, LBCC sent teams to the following competitions:

Nationally Recognized Events
Arizone National - Phoenix, AZ
National Western - Denver, CO
Southwest Exposition - Ft.Worth, TX
Houston Livestock Show - Houston, TX
Cow Palace - San Francisco, CA
American Royal - Kansas City, MO
North American - Louisville, KY

Local and Non-eligibility Events
Great Western - Tulare, CA
L.A. County Fair - Los Angelas, CA
Fall Classic - Medford, OR
Chcio State University, Chico, CA
University of California - Davis, CA