Special Classes

The following accounting classes offer students an opportunity to understand the basic skills and principles of accounting, while at the same time learning about new methods and strategies as the field moves into more technologically based practices.

BA 111, 112, 113 Practical Accounting Series. A three class series that covers everything from simple financial statements and the completion of the accounting cycle to depreciation of assets and managerial accounting procedures. The courses must be taken in sequential order and completed with a "C" or better. 

BA 177 Payroll Accounting. Designed to reinforce and supplement payroll skills in both manual and computerized formats. Students will use an online support program to complete assignments and a payroll project.

BA 228 Computerized Accounting. Provides hands-on computer experience in accounting applications. Students in this course will practice inputting transactions for different businesses, as well as practice setting up a new company using Quickbooks.