Academic Advising

Why should I see an academic advisor?
Meeting with your advisor will ensure that you are on the right track to complete your classes, certificate, or degree. We want to help you be successful, whether you're a new student, returning student or are currently enrolled.

Advisors help with:

  • Course planning and resources
  • Long-term academic planning
  • Declaring a degree at LBCC or another college or university
  • Interpretation of College Placement Test (CPT) and transcripts from other colleges
  • Transfer requirements, registration procedures, and class scheduling
  • Petitioning for financial aid or graduation
  • Academic concerns or special needs
  • Referrals to another college, university, or community resources
  • CWE referral and information
  • Best person for the most accurate information in your certificate or degree area

Your Academic Advisor, assigned to you during Destination Graduation class, is here to help you during your time at LBCC. You should contact your Academic Advisor each term to ensure you are on track to successfully complete your goals.  

If you are unsure of who your Academic Advisor is, visit the Academic Advising webpage.


When should students  see an academic advisor?

New students will meet with an  Academic Advisor when they attend a New Student Registration Session.

Continuing students should check-in with their Academic Advisor at least once each term to ensure they are on track to graduate. Their Academic Advisor has information about resources or services that may help them be better students.

Transferring students should discuss their plan with their Academic Advisor. It is also recommended that they contact the college or university you plan to transfer to as soon as possible to determine admissions requiremenst and transferability of courses.

Graduating students should meet with their Academic Advisor at least two terms before their graduation date  to finalize their Education Plan.

Questions?.... Ask your Academic Advisor!