How to Get Started

Steps to Apply to the Center for Accessibility Resources

If you need support services due to a disability which interferes with your chances of being a successful student, we encourage you to begin this process as soon as possible.

Part I: 


Complete/submit the Center for Accessibility Resources Online Application.


Submit current documentation or evidence of disability (upload, mail, fax, email or bring in).

a.  Students are responsible for providing current documentation or evidence of disability. Acceptable sources of documentation for proving a student’s disability can take a variety of forms. See Proving your Disability for more information on documentation and evidence of disability.  LBCC does not assess or diagnose for any disabilities.

b.  IF YOU DO NOT HAVE DOCUMENTATION, please submit a Statement of Disability.   This is a self-disclosure statement describing what brought you to our office.  Please explain your specific concerns, any relative past history, how your learning is impacted and what accommodations would be helpful.  It should be a few paragraphs long, and be as specific and detailed as possible.  You may submit this statement in any of the Additional Notes section of the application, or email it directly to our office.  


We will contact you to schedule an intake appointment to develop your accommodation plan, which is a collaboration between you and a Center for Accessibility Resources accommodation planner.

a.  Please allow approximately 10 business days for your application and documentation or evidence of disability to be reviewed.

Part 2:


Complete a Part 2 training to learn how to request and use your approved accommodations once your Part 1 is finished.  This is a required step to complete the intake process.


If you have any questions or have not heard from our office within approximately 10 business days after applying, please contact our office at (541) 917-4789 or 

Students are eligible to use their approved accommodations in every traditional lecture class, lab, clinical, club/co-curricular/student life activity, play, Cooperative Work Experience, Learn and Earn, Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Short Term Training program classes here at, or sponsored by, Linn-Benton Community College.