Center for Accessibility Resources Staff

Carol Raymundo, Manager of Center for Accessibility Resources and Student Assessment

Job Duties:  I work with students who identify themselves with a disability for challenge that has an impact on their learning. I work directly with students to determine eligibility and plan accommodations and support for their unique learning needs. I am here to ensure that everyone who wants access to LBCC have an equal opportunity to learning; whether it be for a class, an event, a degree, certificates or for fun.

How long have I been at LBCC I started as a work-study in the Career Center in 1998; became a full-time employee in 2000 in the Career Center where I stayed for 7 years and I also worked for a short time for Educational Partnerships. I have worked for the Center for Accessibility Resources since July 2007. I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Organizational Leadership and a Master's degree in Instructional Design and Technology. 

Why do I choose to work at LBCC:  I love LBCC! I love to see students develop and achieve their goals from start to finish. My favorite time of the year is the first day of each term, especially Fall term and I love graduation day.

Outside interests and hobbies:  I love to cook, my specialty is any kind of filipino food.

Other information I want to share:   I came to LBCC right out of high school. I failed my first term. I didn't have a support system that I could rely on. My advise to students is to make a connection with your instructors and staff. Talk with them, go to office hours and check in regularly. 

Tracy Dusseau, Educational Equity Faculty

Job Duties:  I assist with coordinating and planning disability accommodations in order to help students be successful at LBCC. I also work with faculty and staff to increase awareness and understanding of student accommodations, disability laws, and learning strategies for unique learning environments.

How long have I been at LBCC:  I am new to LBCC (Fall 2015) after working as a State employee for 10 years. I have a B.A in Women Studies and Ethnic Studies (with a certificate in Gerontology). My most recent advanced degree is an M.S. in Adult Education.

Why do I choose to work at LBCC:  I have spent many years on community college campuses, while working on my undergraduate degree, and I feel that those years gave me a good understanding of both the successes and challenges that LBCC students experience.

Outside interests and hobbies:  I am a novice oil painter and 5K participant. I am also a life-long learner and am always looking for fun and interesting classes to take at LBCC.

Julie Hessel, Program Assistant

Job Duties:  I am often the first point of contact for students inquiring about or starting the process for working with the Center for Accessibility Resources. I work directly with students throughout the application process. Once a student’s eligibility has been determined I teach them how to use their accommodations and continue to support them as needed throughout their time here at LBCC.

How Long Have I been at LBCC:  I started as a work study in the Water/Wastewater Technology department in 1993. After receiving my Associate of Science degree from LBCC, I went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health and Safety from Oregon State University. I spent many years working for a mechanical contractor, then in elementary and special education before returning to LBCC in August of 2014.

Why do I choose to work at LBCC:  I love working with people, especially students. I enjoy helping them learn how to be successful on their own journey through school, and life in general.

Outside Interest/Hobbies:  I love to cook, travel, and read. I also love to spend time with my family and my dog.

Other info I want to share:  “I’ve learn that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Jennifer Walker, Support Lab

Job Duties:  I work in the Support Lab Office and Student Assessment where I proctor and administer tests and provide clerical, computer, and other support services to students with disabilities and faculty. 

I also classroom assist for taking dictation, prepare instructional and testing materials by scanning, copying, and/or formatting tests and/or homework.  In addition, I problem solve issues that come up with tests, technology and software, maintain equipment checkout database that include Smartpens, recorders, calculators, tablets and laptops. 

How Long Have I been at LBCC:  I started working at LBCC as a work study in the Career Center in 2003.  In 2005, I received my Administrative Assistant degree and started working in Registration.  During the past few years, I have gotten the opportunity to work in many different departments, learning different aspects of the college.

Why do I choose to work at LBCC:  I love working with students and being able to help them achieve what they are going for during their time in college.

Outside Interest/Hobbies:  I love the coast and the mountain and love to go camping and hunting at both.  I also enjoy helping coach my son’s indoor soccer team with my husband and daughter. 

Kellie Sturgeon, Support Lab and In Class Assistant

Job Duties:  My job is where the rubber and the road meet. After all accommodations are set in place, I assist students in the classroom, which consists of note taking, advocating for the student, and sometimes being his or her eyes or ears. I also assist in strategizing academic success and I help with proctoring tests. The portion of the student population that I work with are “my heart”. I love being able to watch them succeed within the academic portion of school but my favorite part is watching a student grow in the areas of self-advocation and the development of their inter and intra personal relationships. For me, my job is a privilege more than a job.

How Long Have I been at LBCC:  I am the “newbie” in the CFAR family. I started working at LBCC in September of 2016.

Why do I choose to work at LBCC:  In my academic journey I have attended and been employed by many different academic institutions. I can say, without a doubt, that LBCC is the best display of how it all “should work” that I have ever seen. From the first time I set foot on this campus I knew I wanted to work here.

Outside Interest/Hobbies:   I love spending time with my husband, my family and my dogs. My husband and I are competitive trap, skeet and sporting clays shooters so I get to feed my love of traveling as well as we travel around the country for our tournaments.

Other info I want to share:  I have found that people typically never remember how you started something, but they will always remember how you finished it. So my goal is to always finish strong!!

Dionna Camp, Support Lab and In Class Assistant

Job Duties:  I have many job duties as an Instructional Aid in CFAR. From working in the Support Lab, to classroom assisting and notetaking, to creating/formatting accessible documents and website content - you're likely to see me all over campus! 

How long have I been at LBCC:  I began at LBCC in the Fall of 2008 as a Work Study student in the writing department. After several years, I entered the Phlebotomy program and gained this certificate as well as my Associates in General Studies. After deciding to return to school, I was duel-enrolled with LBCC and OSU and began working in the Center for Accessibility Resources and Student Assessment. After I completed my Bachelor’s of Human Development and Family Science in 2015, I decided to work in the mental health field. I returned to LBCC after a year where I continued my work in CFAR and Student Assessment, as well as obtaining another position in the Advising Center. 

Why do I choose to work at LBCC:  I moved from Indiana to Oregon in February of 2008 and began my journey at LBCC that same year. After leaving everything I'd known behind in the Midwest, LBCC became my connection to my community. It is where I began to build my life after moving so far away and I will forever feel at home here. 

Outside Interest/Hobbies:  I'm a very crafty person (I enjoy just about any type of craft or art medium), rock-hound, technology geek, and life-long learner. I am also currently working on obtaining a degree in Computer Science. 

Other info I want to share:  "For people without disabilities, technology makes things easier. For people with disabilities, technology makes things possible." - Mary Pat Radabaugh, Director of IBM National Support Center for Persons with Disabilities