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LBLive: LBLive is the official smart phone app for LBCC provided by Student Involvement. The app lets you access all of your campus information on the go, keep your classes, assignments, and events organized, join campus discussions and connect with your peers, and chat with your friends and see their timetables. 

Campus Clubs: There are many active clubs all across campus! Find one that compliments your interests and meet like-minded peers.


Financial Aid: Visit the Financial Aid website to learn more about the different types of financial aid, the financial aid process, and their hours and contact information. 

Scholarships: Financial aid also offers many scholarships. You can search the scholarship database, submit scholarship applications, and get tips and advice on your applications. 

211: 211 is a free and confidential 24-hour service that helps people connect to local resources.


LBLB (Linn-Benton Lunch Box): The Linn-Benton Lunch Box is a food pantry for students and their families. You can stop by Student Life and Leadership on the Albany Campus and present your student ID (with a current term sticker) to get an emergency 3-day supply of food for you and your family. 

Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteering is a great way to develop your skills. It allows you to give back to your community while being an active member in creating a world you want to live in. 

Campus Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteer with Student Life & Leadership!

Physical/Mental Health

Limited Personal Counseling: Our advisor/counselors are available for addressing conflicts, stressors, and life issues that are impacting college success. Contact the Albany Advising Center at (541) 917-4780 for a Counseling appointment. 

Outdoor Activities at LBCC: LBCC has outdoor activities available for students to utilize and relax between classes. 

Campus Recreation: The Campus Recreation program is dedicated to providing quality recreational opportunities for the campus community, including Fitness Week, Health Week, a 3×3 basketball tournament, and more! 

211: If you’re struggling with mental health, abusive relationships, or sexual assault, 211 can help you find nearby resources to get you back up on your feet. 

Active Minds: Active Minds is not only an active club on campus, but is also a nationwide nonprofit organization with chapters at various colleges and universities. Their goal: increase mental health awareness, education, and advocacy and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. 

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI): NAMI is the nation’s largest mental health organization. They are dedicated to building better lives for those affected by mental illness. NAMI provides education, advocacy, and a helpline for referrals, information, and support. 


Career Services: Visit our Career Services page to learn more about how LBCC can help you find your purpose.

Need help and can't wait to talk to someone? 

If you are in crisis and need crisis services, please contact a local hospital, your family doctor, private counselor, pastor, spiritual leader, your supportive family or friends, and our local county mental health offices for services and support (these services are generally free). 

Linn County Mental Health Crisis Line:

(800) 304-7468 or (541) 967-3866

Benton County Mental Health Crisis Line:

(888) 232-7192 or (541) 766-6835

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

1-800-273-TALK (8255)