Academic Advising

Your LBCC Academic Advisor is committed to teaching you how to maximize your college experience by providing a guided pathway that allows you to successfully complete your academic and career goals.

What does your LBCC Academic Advisor provide?

Your LBCC Academic Advisor will assist you with: 

  • Developing a clear term-by-term Education Plan that maps out the courses needed to achieve your academic goals. 
  • Major and Career exploration and confirmation to ensure that you are on the right path. 
  • Connecting with LBCC support services and resources to ensure your success. 
  • Connecting with community resources. 
  • Problem Solving when you are facing barriers. 

Students Should: 

  • Come prepared to ask questions - you will get better advising. 
  • Ask questions about your degree choice. How does it translate into a career?

When is the best time to see your Advisor?

  • Whenever you have questions. 
  • Before registration for the next term. 

Finding your Academic Advisor

To find out who your academic advisor is, login to WebRunner, click on "Student", then click on "Degree and Advisor Information". If an advisor is not listed, please contact the Albany Campus Advising Center via Google Chat or Email.

Additional Resources. 

LBCC Academic Calendar: All of LBCC’s important dates all rolled into one calendar! Keep track of Financial Aid due dates, when terms begin, campus closure dates, and more!

LBCC Smart Catalog: Learn about LBCC’s programs, degrees, and certificates and more. 

Education Plan Form: This is the term-by-term planning sheet used by your Academic Advisor. With your advisor, you can use this to plan your one or two year program. 

Admissions: If you have not done so yet, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to become an official LBCC student! 

DegreeWorks:  See what course requirements you have completed as well as what you have left to complete your degree or certificate.  To access DegreeWorks, log in to WebRunner, click on "Student", then "Student Records", then "DegreeWorks", and you're on your way!

LBCC Schedule of Classes: Learn about what classes are currently being offered at LBCC. 

Computing your GPA: Not sure how to compute your GPA? This online tool can help! 

Raising your GPA: A handy online tool for helping you learn what grades you need to raise your GPA to a specific level.