VIP Registration Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I register on VIP Registration Day?

    On WebRunner, just like your regular registration! If you’re unsure about how to register on WebRunner, you can get help from the VIP Lounge (Hot Shots Cafe) or our friendly staff at the Admissions and Registrations desk (all campuses).

  • Do I have to see an advisor to register on VIP Reg. day?

    It is not required but it is highly recommended.

  • What if I need help registering?

    Starting at 7 am on May 22nd you can call our Registration Hotline (e.g. Admissions and Registration Desk) at 541-917-4811. We’ll help you troubleshoot your registration issues. Hotline hours are 7 am- 4:30 pm. You can also stop by the VIP Lounge for in-person help!

  • When will the fall schedule be released?

    The fall schedule will be released by Friday, May 17th. Please be aware that due to student need and instructor scheduling, some changes may be made. You can access the Schedule of Classes here. You can also explore scheduling options through Student Scheduler.

  • I have a financial hold. What happens if I register on VIP Registration?

    Your financial hold (link to BF holds tab) will not prevent you from registering for your courses on VIP Registration. After registering, the Business Office will contact you with details about resolving the hold. If the balance isn’t paid by September 4th, you will be dropped from your classes before fall term.

  • I am a high school student who takes classes on the LBCC campuses. Can I participate?
    You may be eligible to participate but must meet with your LBCC advisor first. Contact Cait Morgan at for more information.
  • What if I want to register for a “Signature Only” class?
    You will still need to get your instructor's signature for this. Talk to your instructor in advance of VIP Registration day to get an “Instructor Override”!
  • What if I want to register for a class with a waitlist?
    For courses with waitlists, VIP Registration is no different than any other. If you get on the waitlist and an enrolled student drops, you will receive an email notification to enroll on WebRunner within 48 hours. You must act quickly if you want the spot! Tip: If you are still on the waitlist by the first day of class, attend the class in case an enrolled student drops or does not attend. Check your email frequently!
  • What if I register on VIP Registration but change my mind about my schedule or courses?

    After 11:59 pm on May 22nd, no changes can be made to your schedule until your regular registration period (Priority Registration on May 23rd for Degree-Seeking Students). After your registration period opens up, you may make changes.

  • What if I want to register for ALP?
    If you would like to register for ALP (special paired sections of WR 115 & WR 121 totaling 6 Writing credits), it is best to get this process started before VIP Registration so that you can build your schedule around it. The decision to take ALP is a decision that should be made with your current writing instructor. Contact coordinator Sonya James with questions at
  • What if I am going to take summer classes?
    Summer Priority Registration (for degree-seeking students) opens on Monday, May 6th. You may register for your summer courses at this time. If you have a hold, you may register for both summer and fall courses on VIP Registration Day on May 22nd. You must resolve the hold before June 18th or you will be dropped from your classes.
  • What if I’m a veteran?
    Veterans may register one day ahead of VIP Registration Day! Check your LBCC email for details on how to register early.