VIP Registration: Monday, June 8th - 7:00 am until midnight

Fall registration first chance

For all continuing, degree-seeking students VIP Registration is the first opportunity to register for fall classes. For one day only, you can register for next term, even if you have a financial hold!

Get in first

Each year 1,600 - 1,800 students register on this day and many classes fill. Claim your seat, before someone else does!  View all registration dates.

Be prepared

Create or update your educational plan so that you can find the best path to graduation. If you don't have an ed plan, make an appointment with your advisor to ensure you choose the right classes for you

Find your perfect schedule

Once the fall schedule is finalized on June 1st, you can use Student Scheduler (video) to plan a schedule that works for you. Scheduling and registration assistance is available in the First Resort.

Register even with a financial hold

This is the only day you can register while you still owe money to the college. Get important details about registering with a financial hold.

We’re excited to welcome you back this fall!

Frequently Asked Questions about VIP Registration

  • Who is a VIP? Who can participate?

    VIP Registration is intended for continuing, degree-seeking students. If you are eligible for priority registration, you are a VIP!

    If you're still not sure this applies to you, here are some clues:

    • Fall 2020 will not be your first term at LB
    • You’re taking courses for credit
    • You intend to earn a degree or certificate (at LB or at a transfer school)
  • When is VIP Registration?

    Monday, June 8th from 7:00 am until midnight.

    See all registration dates.

  • Where can I register during VIP Reg?

    Register in WebRunner just like your regular registration. If you’re unsure about how to register on WebRunner, you can get help from the First Resort


  • How can I prepare?
    1. Create or update your educational plan (Ed Plan) before you register.
    2. If you don’t have an education plan for fall term, see your advisor to ensure that you choose the right classes for you.
    3. Once the fall schedule is finalized, use Student Scheduler to plan a schedule that works for you.
    4. Register!
  • Do I have to see an advisor to register on VIP Registration Day?

    We strongly suggest you talk with your advisor before registering to be sure that your classes will apply to your degree. It is not required in most cases, but it is highly recommended.

    Find the name of your assigned advisor in DegreeWorks. Read more about Advising.

  • What if I need help?

    For registration issues:
    Call our Registration Hotline at 541-917-4811. We'll be open from 7:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. on VIP Registration Day. You can also reach us via Live Chat on the LB website home page. Live Chat is staffed until 9:00 p.m.

    For other issues like the following, the First Resort is here to help! Email or drop-in to the Zoom Room for help with:

    • Trouble using Student Scheduler
    • Getting an instructor signature
    • What to do if you end up on a waitlist
    • Your first-choice class full
    • And more!

     If you have questions about Advising and Education planning, contact the Advising Center.

  • How do I use Student Scheduler?

    Student Scheduler is a great tool for scheduling your classes, work, family time, and other obligations. However, It is not very intuitive. Here is a quick video about how it works.

    If you'd like more direct assistance, Student Ambassadors in the First Resort are standing by to help you.

  • I'm a veteran. When can I register?

    Identified veterans can always register one business day before non-veteran students.

    An “Identified veteran” is a student who disclosed their veteran status on their LBCC application or has officially notified the Admissions and Registration office. If you are an identified veteran, you will receive a PIN via email that you will use in WebRunner to unlock your registration on this day. Veteran registration for fall courses is Thursday, June 4th. See all registration dates.

  • What about summer registration?

    Summer registration opened May 4th. Students with financial holds may also register for summer courses on VIP Registration Day, but will be dropped from summer classes if their past-due balance is not paid by June 15th.

    See Registering with a Hold.

  • If I miss VIP Registration, when is my next chance to register?

    VIP is simply the first day to register for fall classes. It rolls right into the priority registration period.

    Continuing, degree-seeking students may register on VIP or any day following. Many classes fill on VIP Registration Day, so it’s best not to wait. Also, if you have a financial hold, you will not be able to register after 11:59 pm on June 8th (VIP Reg Day).

  • How do I register with a financial hold?

    Typically, students who owe money after the tuition deadline receive a financial hold. In regular circumstances, you cannot register for future classes with a hold.  VIP Registration is the only day each year that you can register if you have a financial hold. This allows you to reserve your courses and schedule while you pay off what you owe.


    Drop dates

    If you register with a hold on VIP Registration, you will be dropped from your classes if you have not paid the past-due balance (the tuition and fees owed for spring term or prior) by the following deadlines:

    • Fall course drop date: September 7th at 4:30 p.m. 
    • Summer course drop date: June 15th at 4:30 p.m. 

    Registration Freezes

    Registration holds freeze all registration activity. After VIP Registration ends at 11:59 p.m on June 8th, holds will be placed back onto all accounts. This means that if you have registered with a hold, you will not be able to make any changes to your schedule (add/drop classes) in WebRunner until the account balance is paid off (this will remove the hold).  

    Check your account balance or make a payment.

  • How can I check my account balance or make a payment?

    You can check your current account balance (what you owe) in the Student Accounts section of WebRunner.

    If you have a question about your account, you can reach the Business Office in these ways:

    You can pay your bill (account balance):

    • Online in your WebRunner Student Accounts tab 
    • Over the phone at 541-917-4312 
    • By mail to:
      LBCC Business Office
      6500 SW Pacific Blvd.
      Albany, OR 97321
  • Can I register if I have a different kind of hold (other than financial)?
     A registration hold stops you from adding or dropping classes. A student can get a registration hold for a variety of reasons. Note that only financial holds are lifted for VIP Registration. 

    See if you have a registration hold

    Log into your WebRunner. You can check your current account balance (what you owe) in the Student Accounts section of your WebRunner account using your Single Sign-On password. Find your hold information: Student> Student Accounts> View Holds.

    Types of registration holds



    • Financial hold: Placed if you owe money after the tuition deadline (also called a “past-due balance”). If you have a financial hold because of a past-due balance, you can register during VIP Registration. You will need to pay off the balance before classes start.
    • Academic hold: Placed due to academic performance. Academic holds are not lifted for VIP Registration. Contact your advisor to discuss academic planning options and the possibility of resolving the hold. 
    • Insurance hold: Placed due to insurance issues. These holds are not lifted for VIP Registration. If you have a question about an insurance hold, please contact the International Programs Office
    All other hold types are not lifted for VIP Registration. Please call the phone number listed next to the hold in your Webrunner account for more information.
  • Who is not eligible to register on VIP Reg?

    Just like priority registration, VIP Registration is not intended for all students. Some programs require special orientations or do not yet have a fall course schedule. See all registration dates.

    Those not eligible to register for credit classes on VIP Registration Day are:

    • New students (for whom Fall 2020 will be their first term)
    • Non-degree-seeking students (students not pursuing a degree or certificate)
    • Students taking Community Education or non-credit classes exclusively
    • GED and ELA students (non-degree-seeking)
    • Students with holds other than financial holds