Academic Standing Policy

LBCC Academic Standing Policy Overview

Please note that our Academic Standing Policy has changed starting with summer term 2016

LBCC calculates Academic Standing (AS) for all degree-seeking students who are registered for credit classes each term as of the beginning of the third week of that term. Academic Standing is calculated as soon as grades are in for the given term, typically the middle of the week following finals week.

There are two items that are considered in calculating a student's Academic Standing:

  1. Cumulative (Overall) GPA - cumulative GPA must be 2.00 or greater to remain in good Academic Standing.
  2. Term GPA - term GPA must be 2.00 or greater to remain in good Academic Standing.

If a degree-seeking student does not comply with one or both of the two conditions above during a given term where they are enrolled in credit classes, they are placed on probation. Students may be placed on probation for two terms; after the third term of not meeting the minimums of both conditions above, a student will be placed on a one-term suspension. If a student appeals this suspension, enrolls in credit courses, and once again does not meet the minimums for both conditions above, they will then be placed on a one-year suspension.

To refer to the official Administrative Rule, please see AR 4020-11 in our Administrative Rules and Board Policies.

Note: LBCC Academic Standing requirements are not exactly the same as those required by Financial Aid. For information on Financial Aid academic standing (formally known as Satisfactory Academic Progress), please go here: LBCC Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Want to see a flow chart of what all the academic standing terms mean? Click here!

Need to file an Academic Suspension Appeal? Click here for the Appeal form