Financial Aid Process

one Fill out the FAFSA. Our school code is 006938 fafsa


two Wait for an e-mail notification from LBCC, which will indicate we have received your FAFSA. It can take up to two weeks for us to receive it.


three Login to your  WebRunner account  per the e-mail's instructions and view your individual outstanding requirements. You can print the required documents from your WebRunner account. Note: You must be admitted to LBCC and making satisfactory academic progress to proceed in the financial aid process.


four Turn in your required documents and you will be placed in line to be reviewed and awarded. This waiting period typically takes eight to ten weeks. During peak times, the process can take even longer. Note: If your file was not selected for verification, your waiting time will be reduced.


five An advisor will review your file. You may be asked to submit additional documentation, meet with an advisor, or clarify certain information. If necessary, the financial aid advisor will make corrections to your FAFSA information. It can take up to two weeks to get those corrections back from the federal government. Important Tip: To assure your file is reviewed in time for your upcoming term, turn in your required documents before the priority deadline dates listed above and respond promptly to any additional requests we may have.


six Your file will be awarded (if eligible) after the above steps have been completed. You will be notified via e-mail when you have been awarded. You can view your award on your WebRunner account. If you have questions or special circumstances, you may meet with a financial aid advisor during an available drop-in time. money