Cost of Attendance


2019-20 Aid Year

The LBCC Financial Aid office establishes yearly standard student budgets as a basis for awarding financial aid funds. Standard student budgets reflect modest expense patterns. Your actual expenses may vary according to your lifestyle and level of enrollment. The cost of attendance listed below should assist you in planning your own budget.  All awards are based on full time enrollment.  If you are not enrolled full time at the time of payment, the disbursement will be adjusted based on your actual enrollment.

*The Cost of Attendance (COA) does not guarantee that you will receive enough Federal or State aid to maximize your budget. Financial Aid awards are based on student's eligibility.

Standard Off-campus LBCC Budget (2019-2020 Fall/Winter/Spring)
Expenses Full Time
Tuition & Fees* $4,512
Books & Supplies $912
DL Loan Fee* $84
Room & Board* $13,428
Personal & Misc.* $2,031
Transportation $1,671
Total $22,638
Standard "With Parents" Budget (2019-2020 Fall/Winter/Spring)
Expenses Full Time
Tuition & Fees* $4,512
Books & Supplies $912
DL Loan Fee* $84
Room & Board* $4,476
Personal & Misc.* $2,031
Transportation $1,629
Total $13,644

*Tuition and Fees: $116.74/ per credit resident, $271.34/per credit non-resident, $331.11/per credit international effective 2019/2020. (ASLBCC fee $4.30 for five credits or less and $8.60 for six credits or more. Student Activity Fee, Transportation & Technology Fee is $7.88 per credit). Loan fees of $84 per year are included in the At Home, Away From Home, and Home Away budgets. *Tuition and Fees are subject to change by LBCC Board of Education.

*Room and Board:
 Housing costs can vary significantly based on the living arrangements you select. The financial aid budget allows up to $1,472 per month for off-campus housing, utilities and food. Students living with parent and/or relatives are budgeted about $497 per month for utilities and food.

*Personal and Miscellaneous: Personal expenses -- clothes, personal hygiene, entertainment, and other misc. expenses -- can make or break a college budget. It is the most variable part of your budget and the standard budget allows about $181 per month to cover your expenses.

*Potential Budget Increases: Additional course fees, child care costs, additional books & supplies and purchase of a personal computer.

**Cost of attendance is limited to direct educational expenses for students enrolled in fewer than six credits.

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Financial Aid and Veterans
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(541) 917-4850

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Updated 1/10/2018