Academic Standards For Financial Aid (Continued)

LBCC Satisfactory Academic Policy

  • Maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 [C Average] along with a cumulative 70% completion ratio

  • Students who are placed on Warning Status must successfully complete 100% of credits enrolled for in the next quarter they receive financial aid AND achieve a 2.00 [C Average] quarterly GPA 

Other Reasons For Loss of Financial Aid Eligibility

  • LBCC Academic (not Financial Aid) Suspension, or

  • Ineligible major, ineligible academic program, or

  • Undecided Major after completing 30 or more credits, or

  • Withdrawing from classes before 60% of attendance and participation in class has been reached (Will result in possible repayment of financial aid received and Unsatisfactory Status)

  • Graduate with a Certificate or Degree

Maximum Time Frames For Financial Aid

  • A maximum of 45 remedial credits (classes below 100 level) are allowed.  Students cannot petition to attempt more remedial level credits

  • The maximum timeframe for completion of a degree or certificate cannot exceed 150% of the published program length measured in credit hours.  Stated simply, if you need 90 credits to complete a program, financial aid will fund you up to 135 credits  (transfer credits which apply towards your declared major will be counted)

  • If you reach your 150% funding level for your program of study, you must file a Petition To Extend in order to request funding for the remaining eligible credits to complete the program.  (Filing a Petition To Extend does not guarantee approval. Please read the Petition to extend Guidelines for further information about filing)

  • Programs requiring more or fewer credits for completion are subject to the 150% maximum funding too

  • LBCC two-year degrees and two year certificates are allowed a maximum number of “P” credits of 16

  • LBCC one-year certificates are allowed a maximum number of “P” credits of 8

Student's Right to The Financial Aid Appeal Process

  • Appeal to the Financial Aid Office if your Unsatisfactory Progress is based on extenuating circumstances, which can be documented.  You can find the form by clicking here

  • When submitting the Financial Aid Appeal Form, meet with your Academic Advisor to complete the course planning.  Remember, if your Appeal is approved you will be moved to Probation Status.  This means that you must pass your next quarter on financial aid with a 100% completion ratio.  Plan for success!!

  • If your status is Unsatisfactory and you owe funds back, your appeal cannot be reviewed until you pay the funds back that are owed to The Department of Education.   All Federal or State aid owed must be paid in full before you can appeal

  • All Financial Aid Appeal Forms are reviewed in date order and a response will be delivered via WebRunner.  It will be your responsibility to check your WebRunner account for the deciding decision of your Financial Aid Appeal

  • If your Appeal was not based on extenuating circumstances, you must enroll and successfully complete 6 or more credits without the assistance of financial aid.  Once this task is complete, you will be able to request reinstatement of your financial aid by completing the Appeal Form.  Remember, successful means you must achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.00 (C Average) or higher and a cumulative completion ratio of 70% or higher before petitioning for reinstatement.  Reinstatement is not guaranteed

  • Academic Standards for being enrolled at LBCC are separate from Financial Aid SAP Policy and Procedures.  Please contact the Registration Office for more information concerning Academic Standards

Student's Right To Meet With The Appeal Committee

  • In the event that your Financial Aid Appeal is denied, you may drop in during posted appeal hours to have your appeal heard in person 

  • Download the Student Appeal Form Click here. Please be sure to bring this completed form with you to your appeal

  • A decision from The Appeal Committee will be delivered to you via WebRunner.  Usually, decisions are made within 24 hours of hearing your appeal

Things You Should Be Aware Of

  • Withdrawal (W), Audits (AU), Incompletes (I), Work In Progress (WP), No Basis For Grade (Y):  These grades will not have an effect upon your cumulative GPA; however they will be counted in your Financial Aid Completion Ratio and maximum time frame. 

  • If you decide to drop out of your courses, it is YOUR responsibility to drop them.  It is not the instructors' responsibility to withdraw students from their courses.

  • Repeating Classes:  Federal Regulations state that we are allowed to pay for a repeat of a class.  However, be aware that the repeat will be counted in the completion ratio calculation.  In other words, if you take a 3 credit class twice, we will deduct 6 credits from your maximum amount of credits.   Please refer to the LBCC Academic Policy on Repeating a Class for more information.

  • Transfer Credits:  Any transfer credits that can be used for your current LBCC declared major will be counted towards your maximum credits.

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