Academic Standards For Financial Aid

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What is Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)?

Federal Regulation requires students who receive financial aid to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) towards completing a financial aid eligible degree or certificate at LBCC.  In other words, you are expected to pass the classes you register for at LBCC each quarter.  SAP passing grades are:  A, B, C, D, and P (Pass). 

Grades that are NOT considered passing are:  F, NP (No Pass), IN (incomplete), W (withdraw), and AU (audit).

Students who apply for financial aid at LBCC receive an initial SAP review prior to being awarded.  Also, SAP reviews are completed at the end of each quarter that aid is received.  If you are a student who has been attending without financial aid assistance but decides to apply for aid, your prior coursework will be part of the SAP review.

In simple words, all courses that you take at LBCC will be part of your SAP review regardless of whether or not financial aid assistance was received.

Student Expectations To Maintain Financial Aid At LBCC Each Term

Once you are awarded financial aid at LBCC, you are expected to utilize your Academic Advisors, Counselors, Center for Accessibility Resources, along with other services offered to assist students with success towards completion of their certificates or degrees. 

In accordance with our SAP policy you will:
  • Maintain a Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.00 (C Average) *Needs to be maintained every term at LBCC
  • Maintain an overall completion ratio of 70% during your academic career at LBCC *Needs to be maintained every term at LBCC
  • Attempt to successfully complete all the credits for which you receive aid each quarter
  • Register and complete only the credits required for your program of study at LBCC

LBCC Satisfactory Academic Completion Policy

Students are expected to complete 100% of the credits for which they receive aid.  Credits completed will be reviewed at the end of each quarter to determine your SAP status.  Refer to the chart below and the Student Expectations above to understand your SAP Status.
If you Enroll:
You must successfully complete: SATISFACTORY
You Will be Placed On WARNING if you only complete:
You will be placed on UNSATISFACTORY if you complete less than:
Full Time
(12 or more credits)
12 credits per quarter 6-11 credits per quarter 6 credits per quarter
Three Quarter Time
(9-11 credits)
9 credits per quarter 5-8 credits per quarter 5 credits per quarter
Half Time
(6-8 credits)
6 credits per quarter 3-5 credits per quarter 3 credits per quarter
Less Than Half Time
(1-5 credits)
All credits per quarter Not Applicable All credits per quarter
Financial Aid Warning:  A student placed on warning must ‘successfully’ pass all the courses in the next term of enrollment at LBCC.  Failure to meet these conditions will result in Unsatisfactory Progress.  Students cannot appeal a warning status:

Example:  Mary is registered at FT status (12 credits) for Fall quarter.  At the end of the quarter the financial aid office runs a SAP policy and learns that Mary completed 10 credits.  Using the chart above, Mary is on warning for her next quarter of aid (Winter).  Mary will need to have a 100% completion ratio for Winter quarter or she will be in unsatisfactory progress when another SAP is run at the end of Winter quarter.

Financial Aid Unsatisfactory Progress:  Students who do not complete any of their classes* in a given quarter may owe money back.  Be aware that overpayment must be paid in full before a Financial Aid Appeal Form may be considered.

*If you withdraw or stop attending all courses before 60% of the quarter is over, you may be required to repay a portion of the aid that you received.  Please check in with the Financial Aid Office if you plan to withdraw or drop any courses after you have been paid for the quarter.