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Coming soon in our 2016-2017 season!

Peace Be Upon You

Written by Dan Stone, LBCC Theater Faculty, through collaborations, interviews, and story circles conducted with college students of the Islamic faith, "Peace Be Upon You" looks at the relationship between Sumaiya and Chelsea, college roommates who must put aside their differences as they navigate cultural and political challenges. Powerful theater from our community!

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This is the big one: Four improv troupes, two cities, with the comedy crown on the line! We're bringing student troupes from SAHS, WAHS, CHS, and CVHS together on one stage, one night only, for the improv battle of the century!

Based on the popular Smackdowns at the Majestic Theatre, this event is a showcase of short-form improv comedy (think "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"), with teams taking turns playing games, and then joining together for group hilarity. Tickets are only $5!

The teams aren't just competing on stage, either. We're donating $1 from each ticket sold to our local humane societies, based on who brings more fans. SAHS and WAHS are playing for Albany's SafeHaven Humane Society; CHS and CVHS are playing for Corvallis's Heartland Humane Society. Tell us which team you're supporting, and we'll tally up the totals to see who brought more fans - and earned more for their charity! (If you just want to come to the show to have fun, we'll split the $1 from your ticket 50/50 for both charities. Because kittens and puppies!)

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Upcoming Performances

2016-2017 season...

May 18-20: Spring Theater Production, "Peace Be Upon You."

May 26, 7:30pm: High School Improv Smackdown, Albany vs. Corvallis!

June 8, 7:30pm: "Horizons," Spring Choral Concert

June 29, 7:30pm: Farewell Concert (next stop, Austria!)


For more information, email or call 541-917-4531.