Outdoor Activities

LBCC has outdoor activities available for students to be able to relax during breaks between classes.

  • The Wellness Trail is covered with mulch and makes a nice easy stroll or run around the campus grounds. Map show half-mile and a full-mile routes.
  • There are three Sand Volleyball Courts that can be used anytime when classes are not in session. Also consider taking this fun class in Spring term. Volleyballs may be checked out at the Equipment Room in the Activity Center. (Picture ID required.)

Sand Volleyball

  • The newest addition to outdoor activities is the Disc Golf course. Currently, there are no nets, but with enough interest, nets will be in the close future. You are able to check out discs from the Equipment Room at the Activity Center. (Picture ID required.) Please pay attention to the activities of others as you play in this open and public space.

Disc Golf

  • 2 Tennis Courts
  • Track