• What is my new email address?
    Your email address will be your For example, where 1789 is the last four digits of Jane's LBCC ID number (X number). If you were in DPP (the Degree Partnership Program) prior to September 2014, then use your OSU ID number for the last four digits.

    Your first name will be your legal first name that you gave LBCC when you were admitted to the college. For example, William instead of Bill.

    If your name includes spaces or special characters such as hyphens or apostrophes, these have been removed. For example, Jo Anne O'Malley will have an id of

  • What is my username?
    Your username is your LBCC ID number

  • Still not sure what your email address is?
    There is an easy way to verify it, just log onto WebRunner and click Personal Information, then Address, Phone, Text, and Email to view your email address.
  • What's my Initial LBCC Email password?
    Initially, your password is your 6 digit birth date (MMDDYY). On the initial login, Students will be required to accept the Google Terms of Use statement and change their password. Please note that your new password must be at least 8 characters long to adhere to Google's password policy. Once you change the initial password, it can never be your 6 digit birth date again.

  • Can I forward my LBCC Email account to another email provider?
    Yes. If you want to change or update your forwarding to another provider, you must do so in your Google account settings. Please see directions to forwarding your email for more information.

  • Still having problems getting logged in?
    Begin by resetting your password here: Forgot Your Password?  
    If you still encounter issues, please give us a call at the Student Help Desk: (541) 917-4630. We will be happy to help you and answer any questions you might have.

  • What is LBCC Email Powered by Google?

    LBCC Email Powered by Google is LBCC's implementation of Google Apps for Education. LBCC Email Powered by Google provides more than 7+ gigabytes of storage and contains features such as integrated chat and spam protection. For more information, see Google's Apps for Education information page.

  • Where do I log into LBCC Email?

    There are links in the Quick Links drop down menu on the LBCC homepage or go there now.

  • How long do I get to keep this email address?

    You will get to keep this account for life.

  • Can Faculty or Staff members use this service?
     Yes. For more information on faculty and staff specific topics please see our Faculty and Staff FAQ's.
  • Can I use other Google Applications such as Calendar and Chat?
     Yes. Students are encouraged to take advantage of all the collaboration tools offered in conjunction with Gmail. You will have access to Google Calendar, Docs, and Chat.  The Student Help Desk provides support for Google Apps and account issues. Help with Google Appscan also be found by clicking on the Help link at the top right hand corner of the Google App that you are using. LBCC has not enabled Sites.
  • How much total disk space does a student have in Gmail?
     The storage capacity for your new LBCC Email account is continually increasing. The current storage capacity per account is 25 GB.
  • Can I use other email programs, or clients, to access my LBCC Email account?
     Yes. You can access your LBCC Email powered by Google account using POP, IMAP, and mobile e-mail programs. See the Google Gmail support page under 'Other ways to access Gmail' for step-by-step instructions.
  • What if I already have a personal Gmail account?

    Your LBCC Email powered by Google account is separate from your personal Gmail account. This account provides an ad-free environment and is your official LBCC email address. You cannot use a personal Google Account to access LBCC Google Apps for Education.

  • How does Google handle Spam?
     Your new Gmail account will be protected from spam by Google's anti-spam software. Read more about how Google handles spam .
  • What if I want to use a Google program that is not offered through my LBCC Email account?
     Your LBCC Email powered by Google account is part of a software suite called Google Apps for Education, which Google offers to educational institutions and non-profit organizations. Google decides which services to include in the Google Apps for Education software suite. LBCC may not offer all services because of our limited ability to support them.
  • How do I share documents?

     To share a document with another LBCC student click Share in upper right corner, type in the of the student you wish to collaborate with. Type something in the "Add a note" section to let the other student know why you are sharing, or any other pertinent information, then click Send.

    For more information on sharing documents see Google Support Site .

  • How do I share documents with my personal Gmail account?
     You can share documents with anyone who has a Gmail account including your personal Gmail account. For more information on sharing documents see Google Support Site .
  • How do I view attachments?
     You can view attachments in several ways. For more information see Google Support Site .
  • Which browsers can I use to access my LBCC Email account?
     Chrome is the recommended browser. For more information on other supported web browsers see Google Support Site .
  • What are the policies that apply to my LBCC Email account?

    Your LBCC Email powered by Google account is subject to LBCC Administrative Rule 7030-01 - Students Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct .

    Your LBCC account will be subject to Google's e-mail quota policy, which is currently more than 7+ gigabytes and constantly growing. Google does not place limits on how long users can keep e-mail. Your LBCC Email powered by Google account is also subject to Google's terms of service and privacy policies.

  • Is Gmail Accessible (508 compliant)?

    Google is actively working on 508 compliance and cites accessibility of Gmail as a priority. Users with disabilities have the following options to access their e-mail:

    1.Users can view Gmail with basic HTML. More information on Gmail and basic HTML View.

    2.Users can view Gmail using free 508 compliant software such as Thunderbird.

    3.Users can use Gmail with accessible technologies, which are available in the Center for Accessibility Resources computer lab in Red Cedar Hall, room RCH114.

    4.Use these Google resources to help with other accessibility issues and provide Google feedback.

  • Does Gmail meet FERPA guidelines?
     Google is contractually and legally responsible to protect information. Google will not share e-mail contents or personal information to outside parties.